13 August

August 13 is the 225th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar; 140 days remain until the end of the year.

We have some interesting facts & historic events all about August 13th, including areas in religion, crime, health and more.

Keep reading for more interesting facts about August 13th in history!

Table of Contents

  1. Global Celebrations
  2. Historic Events
  3. Famous Birthdays
  4. Heartbreaking Deaths

Global Celebrations

  • International Lefthanders Day
  • National Filet Mignon Day

Historic Events

What Happened On This Day – August 13

1997: South Park Makes its Debut on Comedy Central

The popular American animated series is created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, and it follows the lives and adventures of 4 boys – Eric Cartman, Kenny McCormick, Kyle Broflovski, and Stan Marsh – in a fictional town called South Park, Colorado. While being popular, the show has attracted widespread criticism for profane language and for addressing controversial subjects.

1961: Construction of Berlin Wall starts

The construction on the Berlin Wall, a wall that divided West Berlin from East Berlin started. It was built by the German Democratic Republic or East Germany.

1960: First Two-Way Telephonic Conversation With a Satellite

The conversation was made possible due to NASA’s Echo 1, a balloon satellite. It was launched into space on August 12. The satellite worked as reflector – signals sent to it were reflected back to the Earth.

1960: Central African Republic Gains its Independence From France.

The landlocked African Country came under French rule in the late 19th century. On this day, Barthélemy Boganda, a nationalist politician declared the creation of an independent Central African Republic and became the first Prime Minister of the country.

1918: First Woman enlists in the United States Marines

After joining the Marine corps, Opha May Johnson, was assigned desk duty at the Marine Corps headquarters in Arlington, Virginia.

Famous Birthdays

Births On This Day, August 13

1983: Sebastian Stan, Romanian/American actor

1970: Alan Shearer, English footballer

1926: Fidel Castro, Cuban lawyer, politician, 15th President of Cuba

1899: Alfred Hitchcock, English director, producer

1818: Lucy Stone, American activist

Heartbreaking Deaths

Deaths On This Day, August 13

2009: Les Paul, American guitarist, songwriter, co-designed the Gibson Guitar

2004: Julia Child, American chef, author

1995: Mickey Mantle, American baseball player

1946: H. G. Wells, English author

1910: Florence Nightingale, Italian/English nurse

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