5 Crazy African Pictures That Have Gone Viral Over The Years

Africa, oh! Africa, the continent of peace and “fun”, so very funny traditions, customs, beliefs and behaviours. Below are some of the craziest pictures from different countries in Africa.. Trust me, you can’t see such in “Oyibo Land”
1.  Makeshift pool table
2.  The African High-rider Not sure about the practicalities of this one

3. The Sapeurs of the Bacongo
Despite their modest surroundings, these stylish African gents are always “dressed to the nines” providing a stark contrast to the environment in which they exist

4. The Hyena Boys of Nigeria

5. The Mursi of Ethiopia6-crazy-african-pictures-number-4-will-amaze-you-theinfong-com
These lip plates are only worn by the women of the tribe as way to enhance their beauty. They start wearing them at age 15 or 16.

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