Man United Set To Earn Money From Cristiano Ronaldo’s Transfer To Juventus

Manchester United could be paid 0.5% of Cristiano Ronaldo’s transfer fee if his move from Real Madrid to Juventus goes through.

The Serie A champions have already made an £88million bid and Los Blancos are thought to be considering it.
If the 33-year-old does seal a move to Turin, United could stand to financially gain from the transfer, despite not including a sell-on clause in the deal that took Ronaldo to Real Madrid in 2009.
This is because United signed Ronaldo as an 18-year-old and qualify for training compensation under FIFA’s Solidarity Mechanism rule.
In the Regulations on the Status of Transfer and Players handbook, page 25, article 21 states: “If a professional is transferred before the expiry of his contract, any club that has contributed to his education and training shall receive a proportion of the compensation paid to his former club (solidarity contribution).”
The exact pricing of the rule is broken down in Annexe 5, on page 70. For every season that Ronaldo trained with United, the club receives 0.5 per cent of the overall transfer fee.

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