Sunday, 18 November 2018

3 Basic Tips To Lose Belly Fat - Health

This awesome tips will help you in a long way to lose Belly fat from your body.
Every lady has that perfect gown; the one you look at in awe but wonder when your stomach will be flat enough to pull the look. Well, a house can never be built in a day so you can start with these basic tips and slowly but surely, you will start to see desired results.

First things first; stop reading this post if you will not be committed to this. The first step to belly fat loss is a conviction to make changes no matter how difficult.

1.   Eat dinner early. If you are a night “snacker” like me, you need to have nuts and fruits on ground just in case the hunger pangs come with all their might. However, snacks are to be taken at least two hours before bed. While some sites will tell you to stop eating by 6pm, I would say decrease current eating time by 30mins each day till you get to the target of 6pm and you can sustain it comfortably.

2.   Drink water before and after meals to help you stay hydrated always. Ditch the large servings for smaller portions. You must not eat until you are stuffed full in a way that makes you uncomfortable.

3.   Do exercises when you wake up. You can do sit-ups and stretches without leaving the comfort of your bed especially if the thought of exercise scares you. Reduce alcohol intake if you are going to be serious about your fitness goal.

Reward yourself by losing your belly fat and stop obsessing over your weight or tummy size. It is all in the drops of effort that yields a mighty ocean of positive results.

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