Sunday, 25 November 2018

Health : Best exercise for older people above 40 years

Most people above 40 years are often busy with their families, work-related issues, business management and are always in and out of the house. They get very little time to take care of their health and body to maintain good physically. Some ends up having less time to exercises and as a result, most people especially the women start gaining weight. Above all, bone density starts to reduce which is when arthritis and osteomalacia sets in due to aging. The good thing is that regaining your health is possible and also prevention with the following exercises.

Cardiovascular exercises:
Cardiovascular exercises prevent you from developing diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and heart attack. As we know, some of these diseases affect us when we are getting older by age. You will have to do intensive exercise with this. These exercises include walking, cycling and rope jumping, stairs climbing, running, and even swimming at least 10 minutes a day.



This is important to maintain a firm body and prevent loss of muscle mass. Doing squats properly with a straight back and the knees above the feet makes your body more flexible and of course, it is important for joint health.



Yoga is an exercise that combines both mental, physical, and spiritual exercises that would help one to be flexible, stress-free, and a feeling of relief. Since most people at this age are faced with many challenges due to increased responsibilities this is probably the best exercise for you.



Planks are a type of exercise that involves maintaining your body in the same position similar to push-ups without moving. Planks should be done for 30 seconds 3 times a week to prevent back pains or rather fight it. Apart from that, it helps you strengthen muscles and maintain muscles surrounding the spinal cord.
Always try to be fit as you are getting older as to make your bones stronger and make your body more healthy.  age is not a barrier when it comes to fitness.

Always bring out time to do exercises, i really hope you found this article on the best exercise for older people above 40 years very useful?

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