Fast2earn Review 2020 - How To Earn Money Daily By Buying Shares

Do you know you can earn money daily by buying shares on fast2earn?  in this fast2earn review 2020 article, I will teach you how exactly you can make a lot of money daily by buying shares on the fast2earn website.

Even if you are a novice and you don't know anything about making money online or about fast2earn shares, I would teach you every thing about it.

if you have been looking for a way to make money online by investing, this is the best platform to do so.
 Here I will be showing you how fast2earn actually works and how you can make money by investing in shares.

How It Works ( Fast2earn Review 2020) :

fast2earn has helped so many people raise money online and make their dreams come true

it's an investment platform with small start-up capital, and it has been paying members more than 7 years now.

you only invest by buying shares and you earn dividend daily profit on the shares you purchase.

NOTE: the shares don't expire or lapse, you earn daily with it for life, unless you decided to sell your shares off.

How I Came Across Fast2earn Investment Opportunity:
Over some months ago around March 2019, I was looking for another means to earn money steady online without involving myself in hard work.   so I came across fast2earn around May 2019 because people were giving a lot of testimony about it on Facebook, then I decided to investigate it and know how it really works.

Though I once came across it back then in 2016 I overlook it. next, I will tell you the benefits of fast2earn, how you can make money with it.

Benefits Of Fast2earn:
if you are a business man, working-class or you are still looking for a job, housewife, student, musician or any kind of creator, this is the best source to invest your money and make your dream come true.   No experience is required for this to work for you, all you need is a computer or your smart phone, a good internet connection using data or wifi.

you can invest in fast2earn by purchasing shares of internet companies. buying virtual shares of websites. you will be given rights to gain daily dividends from this web site and you can sell your share any moment at the best price.
 So by just investing in shares, you can make a lot of money from fast2earn.
Minimum share to buy is $3 and the minimum withdrawal is $8

How To Buy Shares On Fast2earn And Make Money:
You will need a payment method to buy shares.

Available payment methods includes:

1. Debit/Credit Card
2. Bitcoin
3. Litcoin

For example, if you want to use bitcoin as your payment method. if you want to buy shares with bitcoin, you can use LUNO wallet or coin base or paxful, then buy your bitcoin and you are good to go.


NOTE: Don't just buy shares anyhow, Check the ones with good profit before buying, you can use the recommendation from the site itself or follow my own recommendation I will show you below.

Calculation And Earning Explanation:

Here you give the company your money for them to manage their business, then every day the company gives you a percentage back on the daily basics.

if the percentage is $0.40

And you bought about 15 shares

Here is the calculation

$0.40 x 15 = $6

That means you are making $6 per day and $180 per month

$1 in Nigeria is 360

That is N360 x 6 = 2,160

In a month N2,160 x 30days = 64,800

Wonderful, that is a good amount of extra income without doing hard work or stressful work.

If you still don't understand the calculation, Below is another example.

If you purchase 12 shares now at the rate of $3 per share and you are earning  0.08 each share now look at the calculation.

0.08 x 12 shares = 0.96

Then 0.96 x 30 days = $28.8 which is 10,368 naira

Let's us do another calculation

If you decide to buy 40 shares
0.08 x 40 = $3.2
$3.2 x 30 days = $96  which is 34,560 in naira

If you still don't understand the whole thing, I will give another example with an image. I want you to understand every part of purchasing share on fast2earn investment.

So here is another explanation, you see a share like this below and want to purchase it.

Remember to buy shares that are not higher than $3 is very important

Buy about 10 t0 100  shares or above according to your capability

Always try to buy shares within that range of $3.00

If you buy like 10 of those shares, you will spend $30

if you buy like 100 of that share you will spend $300

for example: if you buy 60 of that shares and the dividend is 0.06, then your daily dividends is 0.06 x 60 = $3.6

Which means you will earn $3.6 per day for ever, all through your life

Per month will be $3.6 per day x 30 days = $108 per month

That's a cool amount of money for doing nothing

This is an easy way to make money online through investing and literally doing nothing else.

All you have to do is just invest and expect your daily profit.

Next, I will be showing you how to buy shares and withdrawal procedures, just relax and go through the lines to understand a bit of it properly

How To Buy Shares And Withdrawal Procedures


Step 2. Select Shares To Buy

Here you have a unique opportunity to buy shares of internet companies and make a profit from the fastest-growing businesses.

How To Buy The Best Shares With High ROI
(Return On Investment)

Login into your account and scroll all the way down to look for ALL PROJECT and click on it.

A new page will open, Under sort by; click on ROI, this will show you the most top-performing shares to buy from.

When you see them, you will see something like monthly dividend instead of a daily dividend, don't worry.. all you have to do is click on MORE INFO or the particular shares Name and you will be taken to another page where you will see the daily dividends.

NOTE: Make sure there are daily dividends for that particular share before you invest in it.
 check the images below to understand what I mean.

After you click on the tittle it will take you to another page where you will see the daily dividend and other details as shown below

As you can see the above screenshot image, the daily dividend is $0.06

If I decide to buy 50 of that particular shares now, my daily dividend will be $0.06 x 50 = $3 per day

And in a month it will be $3 x 30 days = $90 for every month, that is very simple.

NOTE: the more shares you buy, the more money you earn.

So after you must have found the particular share you want to purchase, Click on Buy Shares

Change the quantity to any amount of shares you want to purchase e.g if you want to buy 40 shares, click 40 and you click on buy

After that click Yes and choose your payment method, either with bitcoin or your Debit/Credit Card.

Then click on purchase.

If you will be using bitcoin as your payment method Fast2earn website will give you an amount to pay bitcoin and wallet address to pay the amount into.  The wallet address consists of A long combination of alphabets and numbers. Copy the address.

Click on the buy button and fellow the instructions to make payment.

Immediately after your payment, your balance will increase and within a short, the shares you bought will be transferred to your ownership.

And you will start receiving your profit, you receive money as dividends depending on the number of shares you bought.

The cost of the shares grows itself and you can sell your share for a good amount of money any time, any day.

Luno is the easiest website to buy Bitcoin.

How To Sell Your Fast2earn Shares:

This is another important part you need to read carefully when ever you intend to sell your fast2earn investment shares.

Here to sell your shares click on the My Shares under the Project menu, then select a share and click the Sell button. after that specify the amount you intend to sell each share and enter the number of shares that you want to sell

NOTE: if you want to sell your shares very quickly you need to put it at an affordable price, The share with an affordable price will be sold first.

How To Cash Out:
When you reach the minimum withdrawal $8 on your balance, you can withdraw your money through Paypal, perfect money, Bank Card, Bitcoin or Litecoin.

To make withdrawal Click on the cash-out option on the top menu, enter the amount you want to withdraw and click on the withdraw button.

Note: withdrawal takes 2 - 3 business days.

Some maybe asking if there are any payment proofs from fast2earn,  you can view all the most recent withdrawals on the website. Below is a screenshot of payments from the fast2earn website.

NOTE: the more you buy shares to invest the more your daily profit increases. for example, if Mr. A buys 80 shares and Mr. B buys 20 shares.  Mr. A will earn a higher amount daily than Mr. B, that very simple.  And also as I said before you can still sell your shares anytime and any day.

I hope you understood all that was explained here?  this is one of the greatest ways to invest money online and get dividend/profit every single day

This article on fast2earn review 2020 will help you a lot, if you have been looking for a way to invest and earn money daily, you are on the right track.

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