Recover And Read Deleted Whatsapp And Facebook Messenger Chat

you made a mistake and send a WhatsApp or a Facebook Message, instantly you regretted it and you quickly delete it before the person could see it – it’s gone, right? Well…not exactly. i will show you how to recover and read deleted whatsapp and facebook messenger chat

It seems that many people have those “oh dear I shouldn’t have sent that” regret after sending questionable messages. This has happened so often, that messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp have developed a way to delete a message once it has been sent.

Technically, as long as the recipient did not see the message, it was removed and in its place, a simple note: “message was removed” in Facebook or “This message was deleted” in WhatsApp

However, in my search for an app that saved all my notifications to one location, I discovered an app that also revealed any deleted message sent by WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and other IM apps.

How to READ a deleted WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger Chat?
Step 1. Install an app called Notisave which is available on the Google Play Store.
Step 2. Set up Notisave to save your incoming message for the various Instant Message application
Step 3. Every message you receive is now visible in “Notisave” so you can read deleted messages!

This is just a simple step to recover and read deleted whatsapp and facebook messenger chat, just follow the instruction i stated above and that is all.

Notisave does a lot more than what I have shown you, so download it and explore it

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