Racksterly Review 2020: Make Money Daily By Sharing Adverts

Racksterly? do you know you can make a lot of money by just sharing an advert daily on your facebook?

Well, in this Racksterly Review 2020 post I will share exactly how you can make money daily by just sharing ad on your facebook wall

Even if you have never heard of it before, I would make sure you understand every single thing you need to know

Here I will be showing you how Racksterly Income Program works and how you can make money daily from it, it is just simple as A B C.

 But first, let me tell you about the platform

Racksterly is an advertising platform, they are paid by big brands to advertise their products and services. Now Racksterly wants theses adverts to get to the grassroots and there's where you and I come in, they are interested in using our facebook timelines for these adverts, let us call it that they want to rent your timeline and they pay you for that...I hope that sounds cool?

Here is a preview from one of the paystack support team

So you don't need to fear of being scammed.

Racksterly Review 2020: How Does It Work?

Now to make money on the platform you need to do a monthly subscription with them, that is to say, that your payment will last for 30days under your subscription

There are different subscription plans ;

 Racksterly subscription plan:

(i). Dew $18 (#6,900) - Daily earning : $1.2

(ii). Drizzle $25 (#9,300) - Daily earning : $1.8

(iii). Storm $45 (#16,800) - Daily earning : $3.5

(iv) Typhoon $75 (#27,900) - Daily earning : $5.6

PS: Each subscription lasts for 30 days. At the end of your subscription, you can withdraw your earnings and subscribe again, or walk away with everything you've earned.

Calculation And Earning Explanation:

Let's do a little calculation of what you will earn in a month which is the period of 30 days

For example, let say you subscribe for DEW which is the least subscription anybody or an average person can afford.

which is $18 (6,900 Naira)
Daily earning is $1.2

$1.2 x 30 days is = $36 which is about 13,140 Naira

Note: To earn this $1.2 daily you need to bring out at least 5 mins of your time daily doing this. you will be logging into your account daily to share advert to your facebook, after sharing, within the next 10 seconds your Racksterly account earning dashboard will be credited. You are only allowed to share one advert per day, you can see it will not take much of your time doing it. with just 3 - 4 mins you are done for the day

Another example: let say you subscribe for TYPHOON which is the highest subscription on the platform.

Which is $75 (27,900 Naira)
Daily earning is $5.6

$5.6 x 30 days = $168 which is about 62,160

Another Way To Earn From Racksterly Is Through Referral.

Now I can see you are a little bit discouraged because you have seen referral, Don't worry about it.

Note: Referral is not compulsory. even if you don't have any referral, you can make your daily earning and withdraw it.  the referral is just there in case you want to earn more outside your daily sharing adverts. but still, Note is not compulsory.

What you will earn through referral:

1. When you get your first referral they reward you with $2.5
2. Referring a friend on the same day you subscribed will get you $3
3. Referring 10 people within a month subscription you get $45
4. Referring 20 people within a month subscription gets you $80
5 Referring 50 people in a month subscription gets you $150
6. Referring 100 people in a month subscription gets you $350
7 Referring 3 friends in 1-month sub gets you $10
8. Referring 2 persons on the day your sub ends get you $9


Now you will be talking about how can I register?

How To Register On Racksterly:


2). When the page loads, select Continue

3). Fill in your details (Full name, password, and email) and click on continue to proceed to the next page. ⏯  From there you'll be asked to link your Facebook account ....(please make sure you have logged in your Facebook account into the same browser already)

4). Once you get logged in scroll down you'll see a place where you'll be asked to choose your subscription plan just select the one that suits your budget
(You can pay using either ATM card or through bank transfer to the company's account)

5) After doing that please go back to the profile page you'll be asked to share your daily ads just select anyone you wish to share

6) After sharing, in the next 10 seconds, you will be credited.

 Congratulations you have successfully registered

You might be doubting if all this earning is actually real, YES they are 100 % real. I will also show you a proof of series of earnings and bank payment alert proof also from racksterly

Payment Proof:

Here are some dashboard earnings, scroll down to see bank payment alert from different earners


Note: These payments were done before the writing of this article.

Again this is a great way to make money daily, all you have to do is to bring out at least 5 mins of your time every day.

I hope this post on Racksterly review 2020 helps you to make money online.

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