How To Identify A Fake iPhone In The Market

It is no longer news about the rate of fake iphone gadget in the market today. the more trade and sales migrate to online, the more of the risk of getting fake phones. It has become a very lucrative business for deceitful phone manufacturers. Those Fake iPhone mobile use to be super obvious, but the market is getting much smarter as time goes on. Below are some tips to look out for when to determine if your iPhone mobile is original or fake. Let’s start with the external features. Packaging/build The packaging is one of the first features that can make the situation a bit fishy. The outside might look exactly like the original packaging; but, it’s usually made of a bit cheaper material. Sometimes when you open the boxes, the phone is being wrapped with a plastic wrap, instead of its distinct pull-off tabs. sometimes they may also be a product instruction with giant foreign characters in it. The genuine boxes also tend to have information such as the model, description of the phone, the country name where it is manufactured, serial number and a bar code that ensures this is a genuine product. A knock off box will not include these extra details on your iPhone mobile. When you take the iPhone out, you will notice a distinction in weight difference. The Apple Logo
Once you get your iPhone unwrapped, flip it over and look at the apple logo on the back of the iPhone. Although this can look Identical to the original one, there are usually slight, small errors that distinguish a fake. Many of these fakes may have recessed logo or a mirror finish. The Charging Port
Next, we can look at the bottom of the phone, which will give away a few different factors to determine the validity of this device. Generally, the fake iPhone will have a plastic border around it or an engraved line around the port to simulate the same build as the original product. The Camera Body When you look at the camera build from the back. This is not from the app itself but the camera alone. Usually, the fake iPhone mobile recedes a bit, gives the camera-less height than that of the original iPhone. Now let’s turn on the iPhone. Here are where things get weird. Welcome Logo (Very Important) A welcome logo is the first thing that you see when you turn on your iPhone. This is something you will experience when you handle a fake iPhone. You know a fake iPhone when you see “Welcome” instead of seeing the apple logo. The IMEI/MODEL NUMBER When you go into the settings, you can see the IMEI and the Model # of a device through its about section. If these numbers don’t match the back of the phone and/or the box it came in, then it is a knock-off attempt at an iPhone. ITunes and Apple stores
Here is the biggest difference between real and fake. Most fake iPhone mobile runs on Android because they can adjust the interface’s skin. Android devices DO NOT have an iTunes or Apple store. If you click these, it will redirect to another app and/or go to a google play store. If those apps do anything outside opening the exact apple stores, then it is fake software. Check The Screen Brightness
Generally, the first thing you will notice is that the screen is not as vibrant as it should be in the fake iPhone. Colors look washed out and overall you think your brightness setting is turned all the way down. With this tips on How To Identify A Fake iPhone In The Market you will able to avoid buying the wrong iPhone and you will not waste your money on a fake product

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