Thursday, 3 September 2020

Top 5 Companies In Germany That Pays Good Dividend Per Yield


German companies
The coronavirus hit the German economy hard. In some sectors, there are no signs of improvement even six months after the outbreak. Nevertheless, there are some German corporations that offer good dividend yields despite the crisis. An overview.

Do dividends play an important role for you as a shareholder and investor, or do you prefer strong price increases and profitable sales? Depending on which tactic you pursue with your investments, the dividend yield is an interesting metric for you.

One thing is certain, however: Nowadays you can buy shares yourself and check the prices in real-time. You can do this with a depot — for example at Com direct, Trade Republic, or Consorsbank.

What's behind the dividend yield?

The dividend yield is a daily fluctuating figure on the stock exchanges. It sets the current share price in relation to the dividend paid out. In other words, if the price of a company collapses on a trading day, the theoretical dividend yield skyrockets.

For this reason, a high or very high dividend yield isn't necessarily a good indicator either. In principle, however, it can of course also indicate a high distribution.

A detailed analysis is therefore essential. Anyone who buys a share solely because of a high dividend yield can take a high risk.

These Top 5 Companies In Germany That Pays Good Dividend Per Yield despite the crisis
Due to the coronavirus, profits have also plummeted for many German corporations. Nevertheless, there are some companies that are sticking to their planned profit distributions — or have already stocked to them. Today we want to introduce you to a total of five.

1. Munich Re:

In general, large reinsurance companies are good dividend payers in many cases. And the payout ratio is also generally impressive. It is no different at Munich Re — or Munich Re — either.

At a current rate of EUR 241 (all information is from August 28, 2020), the dividend yield is 4.06 percent. Expressed in numbers, the distribution this year was EUR 9.80 per share.

2. Alliance:

Munich-based Alliance SE, which operates internationally under the name of Alliance Group, is also one of the largest insurance groups in the world. Despite massive slumps during the first peek of the coronavirus, the company based in the Bavarian capital has held on to its distribution.

This year the shareholders received EUR 9.60 per share. At a price of 184 euros, this corresponds to a return of 5.22 percent. By the way: This year's increase is the seventh in a row.

3. BASF:

When looking at the persistently low-interest rates, a stake in BAS F could also be of interest to investors. In terms of turnover, Societal Europa ea is the largest chemical company in the world. In 2019, the generated turnover was 59.3 billion euros.

BAS F shares are currently trading at around EUR 52. With a payout of 3.30 euros per share, this corresponds to a dividend yield of 6.37 percent.

4. Bayer:

Bayer is currently only making headlines because of the lawsuits and billions in payments relating to the broadband herbicide glyphosate, the use of which is highly controversial. With the takeover of Monsanto, Bayer bought this problem.

Regardless of this, the Leverkusen-based chemical and pharmaceutical group is sticking to its dividend strategy. In 2020, investors received EUR 2.80 per share. At the current price of around 56 euros, this corresponds to a dividend yield of 4.95 percent.

5. Volkswagen:

Car manufacturers were hit particularly hard in the Corona crisis. The belts in factories around the world stood still for several weeks. In addition, due to global delivery problems, there were also difficulties with automotive suppliers.

Accordingly, business at Volkswagen was also idle for several weeks. Nevertheless, the Wolfsburg based company wants to pay a dividend as usual. In the room are 4.86 euros. At a price of 140 euros, this corresponds to a return of at least 3.47 percent.


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