Monday, 5 October 2020

What I personally Discover About Local Engineering College Student And IITI

There are exceptions on both sides. There are few brilliant young people in the 3rd tier institutions, as well as in the Institutes of Science. However, IITI is taking advantage of the evidence I cite.

Catch a random person at the IIT and at a local college and ask a few simple questions from your branch. A local college guy wants to format his computer or design his own website. IITian wants more complex (but not so difficult) tasks like building a Raspberry tool when you find any comments or messages on Facebook, or possibly configuring a driver problem on your Ubuntu machine or setting up your VM in the cloud infrastructure. Make your own.

With the growth of coaching classes, smart people have been replaced by strategic ones. You just need to get into a good coaching institute and pay a lot of money and plan your studies for two years.

Not every IITian can be a successful person and not every successful person can be an IITian.

I’m in a -3 grade engineering college and when I say, trust me, college labels don’t matter even in the long run. & Don't forget. No one exists on purpose, no one else, everyone dies.

1 : The first time I flunked the JEE exam. With another option left, I decided to go to a local engineering college and prepare for JEE again. During my college years, I was active in their sponsoring team at a cultural festival.

When I often go to companies for sponsorship, we are not allowed or forced to wait for the offer for a long time. The number of people who gave us the opportunity was small and there were similar deals.

A year later, I cleared JEE and now represent IIT Harangue. It’s easier to get a meeting here. Once you enter the room, your tag is no longer valid. You really have to impress them with your line. However, you need to make more deals considering the possibilities of your closure.

The difference between a local engineering college and IITian, labeled “IIT,” makes the first set of opportunities easier than for local engineering students. However, as you grow in your professional advancement, people will choose you based on their work experience more closely with “IIT” tags.

To complete your first job, no matter where you graduated, you really need to “mark” your ass.

At the moment, if you’re not looking for a “Stamp,” that’s perfectly fine. You don’t have to force yourself with unnecessary social pressure. So calm down!

2 : There is only one difference:

They enjoy life to the fullest.

You have to think about how this is possible, but trust me, it’s a hidden truth.

Let's find out.

I went to IIT BHU on behalf of my college cricket team at a sports festival. And one would think that I have observed that there are students of different colleges of the Institute in different sports unite local college students in all kinds of sports ..... cricket, volleyball, basketball ....

What Does this mean?

This means that they are not only good at education, but also good at sports and in many ways.

Now see how they got there.

There are two types of serious jazz graduate students who are the only ones studying, the second are those who enjoy studying (enjoying attending banquets to study without refusing to watch a newly released film, spending time with friends). And here is the difference. The second, the IITs, and the 1st are only secondary.

Note — I am not saying that students who only enroll in it or students who only study do not enroll in it. Understand the slight difference between the two.

3 : Access to IT and local colleges varies widely.

I studied metallurgy. There are six different sectors in metallurgy. In each department we have 2/3 professors and only 23 professors. This was for 25 students in each undergraduate class and 10/15 PO students.

We got a good engineering college professor. He taught three of the six sections. It makes a difference.

We also had a lot of advanced equipment available for the best universities in the world.

Even if two students of the same caliber enter these two institutions, the end result will be different due to their completion.

4 : there are several stages through which you can also judge people if you are an engineer at one stage, but if you look at the other side, then you see that one person is going through an Indian university and another from an engineering college who can. Be a college of god, but this college is not in Indian universities, so the difference is many things, because college is very important in our placement, but if you are a person of very caliber, then do not affect your placement.

5 : See, if you really like engineering, then IIT or any applicant college doesn’t matter. If you don’t use resources, IIT can’t make a profit. Go for subscriptions, scholarships, and more.

But if you focus and work diligently, then you can get even higher than IITians.

I’ll give you a little tip.

See that there are many sites available, such as GitHub and geek for geeks and others where you can download your codes, seek help from programmers and solve the problem. Some companies will see your GitHub profile and accept you.

If you see any difficulty in understanding a particular concept or want to read more in this area, take online courses. Wait, not from YouTube. Go to Udemy or Courser. Check out their course build from several apps and start your programming journey. Check out the bestsellers.

However, if you are skeptical of class lectures, skip to MIT OCW lectures. Although they are old videos, but the content remains almost the same. Suppose you are studying in a normal general university college, but are looking for an MIT student advantage. Big right.

“Where there is a will, there is a way” right?

If you’re really into topics and concepts, high-paying packages aren’t just a dream for you, they can be a reality.

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