Tuesday, 6 October 2020

I Avoid Restarting My Computer Whenever It Begins To Slowdown

Having done a lot of work on my computer most of the time or opening a lot of different software makes the computer slow down a bit at that time. After noticing its slow speed, we restart the computer. So that the entanglement created in his memory is released, and he starts running again. As a good alternative to this situation, we always turn off the computer and restart it. Then turn off the computer and restart, wasting 2-3 minutes.

Shutting down and restarting a computer that has slowed down a bit while working will get rid of the clutter on the computer's memory and it will start running properly again. Thus, the computer on resolving the entanglement in the memory of the computer Restarting is not the only option. A slow computer can be fixed even without restarting the computer. Here's how to put one together for use with your computer's memory.

1. Right-click the mouse on the computer desktop and click on “Shortcut” in the 'New' section.

2. Now  Create a Shortcut box opens in front of you. In the space below 'Type the location of the item:', copy, and paste the bold line given below and click on the Next> button below.

% windir% \ system32 \ rundll32. exe advapi32.dll, ProcessIdleTasks

3. Now in the text box, type “Clear Memory” in the space below “Type a name for this shortcut” and click on the Finish button below.

4. This will create a file called “Clear Memory” on the computer's desktop. Then whenever you feel that your computer is slow, do not restart the computer, just double-click on this file to speed up the computer again.

Sort emails:

There are many mails in your inbox. Some mails are from friends, some mails are from a service you have subscribed to. In this case, if you want to streamline your mail, you need to make different compartments in your inbox, where you can organize different types of emails in each compartment, sort them. And you can do such classification through labels.
Since many people use Gmail, as always I will explain this through Gmail.

1. To do this, first go to your Gmail account.

2. Open any one mail from a specific friend or from a specific company, from a website.

3. From the top bar of that mail go to the Labels option.

4. Go to Labels option. Now click on Create new.

5. Please enter a new label name in the space below this line, enter the name of that particular friend, company, or website.

6. And now click on the OK button.

7. You will see the line in the yellow bar for a while, “The conversation has been labeled”. If you want, click on the Learn More option next to it.

Well, for the frequent mail from a particular friend/company/website, now you have created a special pocket. The cup is also named. No matter how many labels you can create for different friends/companies/websites, each cup will have a different name.

You will see all the created labels in the sidebar on the left side of the Gmail page. There will be a small box attached before each label, by clicking on it you can change the color of the label, change the name of the label or delete it.

Color Labels, Edit, Delete Labels Using Labels Now you have tidied up your inbox.

Filter unwanted emails:

There are many things in life that it is sometimes necessary to stay away from. From big things to irritating little things! Check out any unwanted emails! What to do with these emails !? Declare Spam !? But why !? I basically don't want them in my inbox! What can I do then? There is an option for that too! Mail filtering! I think all email service providers offer mail filtering. But nowadays the number of Gmail users is significant and since I use Gmail myself, how can you filter unwanted emails through Gmail !? We'll see.

1. For that, first you have to go to Gmail .com.

2. Then it's time to open the unwanted mail one last time! Open any unwanted mail from an individual, an organization, frequently.
(In fact, I am Marathi Gmail  uses, but most of us use Gmail for some time because the English language is not English is my Gmail.)

3. So an unwanted mail has opened. Click on Filter messages like these from More actions at the top of the mail.
More actions, click on the Filter messages like these options. This will start the process of filtering unwanted email.

4. Click on the Next Step.
Click on the Next Step. Tick the Delete its options.
Tick the Delete it an option and click on Create Filter. Click on Create Filter.

5. Your filter will be ready. If you want to remove or edit this filter in the future, you can do so through the Gmail settings option. There you will see a sub-option called Filters. Use it in Yakima.
When editing filters from settings, frequent emails from irritating, unwanted persons, organizations, the organization will continue to be deleted. And you don't have to do anything personally for that.

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