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Home devices that consume the most energy

 Without household appliances, and particularly without electricity, we can no longer even picture life. It's a burden you can no longer do without, but it doesn't mean that it needs to be exorbitant. Different machines consume varying quantities of energy, but with small tricks, you can decrease the consumption. The Croatian average family uses approximately 3,500 kWh of energy per year which costs approximately 3,000 kn per year, and even more with price changes.

It is necessary to know who are the main users of energy in the household in order to know which items to watch out for while consuming. 20% of home consumption in total goes to domestic appliances. It is important to remember that modern home appliances use half as much energy as older appliances. That is why preferring gadgets that use less resources while shopping is the first thing you can do in the interest of saving. While their price is a little higher, in the long term, they undoubtedly pay off.
Besides, There are also more means of investing. In those machines that use the most course, the greatest savings are made. There are those here.

Home devices with the most energy consumption:

Air conditioning — while household appliances consume a significant percentage of electricity, the primary individual user is air conditioning. We'll need it for around eight months a year if it is used for both heating and cooling. It is used for an average of 8 hours a day during that time, which is around 2,000 kuna a year . This is actually a very big figure if we equate it to other devices' individual use.

Boiler - Usually, boilers are switched on every day, which ensures they operate only to hold the fixed temperature for hours. It costs around 1204 kuna a year for just two hours of 100-liter boiler service a day. It is no wonder why many switches the boiler on right before using hot water because of this.

Electric stove - Many uses a gas oven because of fear of gas. Electric stoves - the third biggest household user. Cooking on a classic electric hob requires nearly 1 kWh of electricity, and a quarter less on a ceramic hob, since cooking on it is much quicker. On an electric cooker, an hour a day of cooking costs us about 750 kn a year.

Washing machines - nearly all of those in the home today have a washing machine, most of them even have a dishwasher, and there are more and more people who have a tumble dryer as well. Using a system which has a combination washing machine and dryer is much cheaper, but the amount of annual use is still not low. A washing machine that does four wash a week costs us about 200 kuna a year and it costs about 300 kuna for a dryer that uses more energy. The dishwasher is still the cheapest of the three, but it uses about 300 kn of energy per annum because it is used every day.

PC - no homes without computers or notebooks. Personal PC. A marginally more powerful personal computer specialized in video streaming is surely more costly to use, which is why it has faster processors and improved graphics cards. It costs us about 330 KN per year of electricity for six hours a day of computer work.

Electricity Saving:

Here are some ideas about how daily habit in the household save's energy now that we have seen who are the most significant (and most common) customers. It is critical first of all that the majority of devices are not stand-by but disabled if not in operation. This not only applies to desktops and tablets, but also to washing machines and dryers, for example. There are also fantastic savings when the heater is turned off when it is not in operation, meaning that the water is not heated all day long, but only once – if possible.

It can also save a lot as a major customer and air conditioner. First and foremost, the air conditioner is not used to heat your home, but to use an alternative, cheaper solution. Do not heat the house too much if you do, that in short sleeves you walk. Instead, wear better and heat reduction. Do not overdo it either for refreshment, too. Not only by over cooling your house during hot months do you harm your home budget, but you are also harming your own well being.

And with the refrigerator at too low temperature, do not drink excessively. The more the colder the refrigerator, the more energy the refrigerator uses, the more fuel it can bring in at 7C, keeping the food fresh and healthy from being spoiled, and in the end wasting even less electricity than when set at 4 or 5C.

Equipment such as toasters, water heaters, hairdryers and the like are little saving tricks when you don't use them, so you're not using them. You will save a lot if you swap the regular bulbs With all who conserve electricity. Although they are marginally more costly as they are bought, their lifetime is longer and energy is reduced.

Electricity consumption is essential in our daily lives but it should not be wasted. You can use it as much as you like with the aid of these little tricks but still stop making payments.

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