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4 Ways To Reduce Stress And Anxiety In Your Life

We all experience stress one way or another but it's so damaging on the body so let's talk about some really simple tactics you can take right now to help. So I want to break this article up into 2 parts. Basically how to deal with long term stress and then how to deal with short term stress so something's like really bothering the moment some simple tactics you can take to help calm your mind calm your body but then also long term stress and things that can really damage your body long term.

I'm gonna get into that to the first let's just quickly review what happens to your body when you feel stressed so whenever you feel any kind of stress whether that's like physical if the dogs barking at you anything that really stresses your body basically her mind senses like alarm systems your whole body that's like panic and the fear different variations of your nervous system in your hormones it signals your adrenals to release numerous hormones 2 of those being adrenaline and cortisol.

So basically you feel stressed your brain signals you to release adrenaline cortisol now the journalizing you can imagine like an adrenaline rush right it's going to increase your blood pressure increase your heart rate and it kind of gives you that like fight or flight response and then with cortisol which is one of our Mike primary stress hormones it's basically going to do everything it can to help you survive and not worry about functions that you don't need to survive. At that moment so it increases blood sugar it slows down your immune response your reproductive system now if this was really an actual stressful situation when you were in danger that's good but when this is happening constantly you don't really need it to happen this can really alter your body when these things are constantly triggered and activated it can just damage your body in so many ways and actually affect almost everything in your body so just understanding how stress works and how you know feeling a little of stress can impact everything in your body.

I think people say that a lot but it's good to actually understand how that works so all of this also communicates with your brain so all these hormones are being released also communicating with your brain that can alter you know your responses to fear to mood it can worsen anxiety and depression so as you can see if you're constantly triggering these hormones like let's say you feel a constant better stress every day when you're on your way to work because of traffic constantly like activating the system can impact almost everything in your body like anxiety mood digestion of hormones reproduction so it's just good to kind of understand because I know you hear a lot of people say like stress impacts everything but it really does and I always think like laying it out helps okay so now let's get into the solutions the first one I want to tackle is it short term immediate stress to like when you're At that moment what can you do to help calm your body down so the first one I want to get into is called the 30-day rule so basically when you were in a situation that's just like a really making you stressed and anxious think about whether this issue would bother you in 30 days.

So if you're in traffic are you going to a one month from now think about like that traffic jam you know someone bothers you at work are you really going to think about that in 30 days probably not and when you just kind of make this association you're like, why am I going to put my body through this when it's not going to matter in 30 days let alone 10 years 50 years you can really just kind of stop it helps you really be mindful of like how insignificant it is now if it is something that's going to bother you in 30 days but it's worth looking into maybe you can still try to calm down At that moment but you can really think of solutions of how to solve it versus just feeling that stress all the time so try the 30-day rule the other tactic.

I want to suggest is breath work so you may have heard of different breathing techniques and breath work especially if you've taken a yoga class but specifically I'm referring to belly breathing so most of us are used to just chest reading that so you can't we kind of take like shallow depressed because we just you know I think how we function in society today you know we aren't really accustomed to having that like really deep belly breathing that's good for you and when you're in that fight or flight response in that kind of emergency situation your body actually naturally goes to trust breeding because it's more about quick breaths like oxygen how can I get into my body really fast verses like really depressed now when you take a really deep breath and belly breathe so bay.

Basically you could take one hand on your test and one hand on your stomach this is how you can up your belly breathing when you breathe in hell your stomach should expand but the hand on your chest just stay still so it's kind of way to feel it and see if you understand what it feels like when you're doing that when you do this is stimulates the vagus nerve the vagus nerve is a nerve that runs from your head and neck chest and down to your colon and when it's activated it basically does the opposite of the stress response it's gonna promote relaxation and calm and so it's basically doing the opposite of what you're feeling in a stressful moment one way to also try belly breathing if you've never done it before is to kind of sit down put your elbows on your knees and just lean over and deep breathe like this in this kind of activates it makes it a little easier if you've never tried this technique a breeding but honestly just doing this the moment even though maybe you're frustrated and you're like I in this isn't going to help it actually relaxes your body and you have to remember that your mind and body are completely connected to same reason why when you're anxious you might have to go to the bathroom in your stomach might hurt.

I love sharing examples like that because it really just kind of lays it out now let's talk about long term stress and how to actually get that stress out of your body so kind of the example I gave before how like if you're walking on the street and a lot you know dogs barking in the startles you how that can activate your fight or flight that's kind of my tip I have here so think about anything that gives you even that short term immediate stress like let's say every night when you walk home there's like you know a dark alley that might make you feel a little creeped out or unsafe and maybe you just you know you feel stressed At that moment maybe it is a dog barking all the time and there's a way to like play musics that it doesn't start early or maybe anything that's constantly stressing you out try to find a way to really reduce that and make a big effort to do this because even though it's just a short term stress every time you're releasing this quarters all this adrenaline and your hormones are being thrown off number one it makes it easier to activate them so the more they're activated that easier they kind of turned back on. And it's just going to throw off your whole balance like this constant repetitive release of them like I mentioned before can impact everything so just to think about it pay attention to like what makes your heart race a little or what makes you getting his ID this is like not even something I want to admit, because it's so silly but sometimes I'm like trying to explain something like on a call and someone's not getting what I'm saying like even if it's like a 1 800 number I will literally notice my heart surgeries and I'm like is this really worth like stressing out my entire body over this like 1 800 call no it's not self pay attention to the little triggers and really try to work on them and the other tech I have on this is meditation, so I purposely wanted to put meditation in this long term category because for me personally when I meditate I don't necessarily feel like less anxiety or less stressed At that moment.

I really want to share that because I think you know a lot of people like listen to meditation after meditating like I feel so much better right after and hopefully some of you can relate to this I don't necessarily feel better but with T. M. which is the type of medication I practice basically you learn that as you meditate it's lets all this long term stress leaving your bodies the more you do it like there could be stress in your body from something that happened 10 years ago or something that happened in your childhood and you know it gets it forms like there's energy they get stuck in your body so the more you do this long term you do it every day and twice a day if you can the more this is going to look long term leader body so that's kind of my way of doing it and I just think that when you practice it consistently it can really help it teaches you that when you're meditating it's actually old stress in your body that's leaving your body this isn't always a short term thing in fact it's really not you're not going to meditate once in like any of the stress you ever felt in your life is going to leave your body but you would really be surprised how much stress and tension you can hold on to from things you might not even think about consciously or realizing just is so much that could happen in the past but just by meditating just by being still in sitting there doing this every day. or even twice a day you can get a twice a day you're going to help just get rid of all that long term chronic stress and there's so much good that it can do and so much like that it can reverse your body, so I'd highly recommend it you know it's something I've struggled with for years.

So these are just some quick tips that I hope will help you if you haven't gotten a message from this video stress is so damaging to our bodies it really just impacts everything and I hope another take away is that everything is connected so mental health is just as important if not more than physical health and it's all connected and you know even if your working out and eating healthy but you're mentally stressed or there're things like deeply bothering you think just won't function M. the way they should and that can be really frustrating because you know you're like I'm doing everything right but dig deeper and really just try to find a state of calm and peace, so I hope you guys found this helpful please leave any questions in the comments and definitely let me know if you have any good tactics for releasing stress. I'll see you next time.

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