Wednesday, 16 December 2020

5 simple ways to improve your health and wellness

5 simple ways to improve your health and wellness. I really want to share some tips today that you can immediately incorporate that are super easy that don't necessarily cost you any money and just little tactics that can really work I think a huge part of improving health and wellness is looking beyond like the obvious it's like eat healthy and exercise.

we all know that but these are going to be like a little thing that you might not have thought about.

1. so my first tip is to add greens or vegetables to almost every meal the most amount of meals you can because even though it might seem like a really basic tip this can go so far and I think that too many times we think about like being healthy as restricting and I'm not eating too much sugar and not eating glue, and they're avoiding grains or whatever that might be but adding is just as important because we need the nutrients and a micro nutrients and vitamins and minerals that beautiful plant based food gives us so one cool thing about spinach I always like to kind of get this tape is it just shrinks down so quickly so if you are making a pasta dish a rice dish anything just like literally the last 5 minutes there under the stove and mix it and you probably won't even notice it's just a little and this much will just shrink down to so much less another thing I like to do for people who really hate greens of actual specially kids is a top it tiny like whether it's broccoli or spinach like really tiny even like zucchini and just mix it in with like a rice or quinoa are like a vegetable stir-fry so it's not like you know they're eating big chunks of vegetables are just kind of eating their meal they won't even notice if you don't like vegetables and if you really just can't add as many greens your meals your on the go a really great alternative could just be adding a green powder I do always prefer to have the more natural options so you know if you can get fresh vegetables and greens that's better but if you can't there's absolutely nothing wrong with adding in a greens supplement powder there's so many brands all the stuff you buy favorites below but I you know I keep in the fridge because I you know it just stays better longer and sometimes he can make things not last. As long as I can to keep my super foods in the fridge but that is step number one.

2. so tip number 2 is taking an ice-cold shower so this is basically like creating your own little chemotherapy system at home and I really like this ticket because it doesn't cost any money like chemotherapy is absolutely incredible you know we are in quarantine center how many places are open right now but if you can get yourself there and it's part of your budget that's amazing but if you can't cold showers are such an easy way to incorporate so many health benefits so number one, it's going to give you a boost of circulation with oxygenated blood because when you're in like a freezing temperatures your body kind of goes into survival mode and all of your blood will rush to your vital organs so it's gonna go to like your heart and it's gonna leave your extremities this is why when people do chemotherapy they often wear like can often they always wear gloves socks you know you want to make sure your extremities stay warm because the blood is gonna leave those areas so then when you get back into warm temperature and all that blood now is rich in oxygen it just kind of disperses back throughout your body and you immediately feel this like invigorating scents throughout your whole body it's really nice so that's one thing that you're getting a boost of circulation number 2 when you have these cool temperatures it causes base of construction so this means your vessels are gonna constrictors estate dilated and this stimulates your lymphatic system to increase lymphatic flow so there's your blood system which has blood flow that's just circulating your body then there's also your lymphatic system and this is how you excrete toxins from your body now you've ever had like a lymphatic massage you'll notice it's like really like soft long strokes on your body because it's just kind of helping boost it a lot it's not like it has to be really tough are painful but that's the point of it and that's why they do this method so when you're doing this you're kind of helping yourself rid toxins you can get rid of fluid build up this even help cellulite the appearance of cellulite because a lot of times like a fluid accumulation can make cellulite look worse so this is a cool little tip to and honestly I hate cold temperature. His hate cold weather like I always wanted to be warm and I've been doing the cold showers it's really hard to the moment that you feel so energized after so it's also a really great natural energy boost.

3. tip number 3 is replacing certain items in your household so let's start with the kitchen your kitchen sponge how often to replace that I know I've definitely been guilty of sometimes having it on there for way too long and it gets dirty so a kitchen sponges actually studies that show it can host literally more bacteria than a toilet because you know there's food particles on there it's in a moist environment like who knows if you like use it to even clean the counter even if you don't that's not even fair example it just sits there and a wet moist environment with food particles and it can just get filthy and if you think about it you're using the sponge to clean your silverware into clean plates and bowls that you eat out so you're really directly affected by this and the bacteria found in these founders has been known to actually cause infection so it's one thing that you really want to often replace I even think every month I mean sponges are something that are fairly inexpensive so especially if you buy these involved keeping just keep them you know under the sink and I replaced mine very often the next one is too fresh and it's kind of the same thing here I think that toothbrush if I had to pick one I would recommend replacing every month a lot of professionals will say to replace it every 3 to 4 months, but you know if you can get just like a cheap person drugstore replace it often there's so many bacteria that builds up on there you sometimes know food particles if there's not all the toothpaste that comes off of it and this is like really going directly into your mouth another thing about toothbrushes which this is kind of gross but if you keep it on the sink like out of your little to first case and you don't close the toilet seat when you flush the toilet a lot of those particles can actually get up into the air on your toothbrush they're so small that of course you're not gonna notice it, but they've done studies where they found a lot of not so nice things they're cheaper so just try to replace it every so often especially if you're sick if you get a. Hold you have the flu any kind of virus it's very important to swap out that toothbrush because sometimes those germs can still live on there and lastly is a loofah, so I used to love louvres and use them all the time but I had learned you know that they can host a lot of bacteria mainly because you're keeping in the shower you know there's a lot of different hold on it and it doesn't get fully dry.

so it's sitting again in this moist environment and you know it's just harboring a lot of bacteria and you know you're using this to clean yourself in the shower and to clean every part of your body so it might be a good idea to just be transferring these bacteria you know over and over again so what do you want to use a loofah and replace it often another option could be to just let it dry and more of like a clean space that doesn't hold moisture so keeping it in the shower where there's a lot of steam it's going to just kind of boost bacteria growth so you could even take out and put it over the sink or dry it somewhere else seems like a lot of work, so I personally like to just use a washcloth I just buy washcloths in bulk I use a different one of my face literally every day I never repeat it because I think it's such a great tip for acne so same with your body like you know just wash them every week and just have a bunch on hand it's a one time investment and I think it's important to think about these little things in terms of preventing coffer burning coal preventing viruses just keeping our communities strong you know it's not always about what were you know being exposed to outside sometimes little things in our home so just fantastic tips especially going into fall.

4. so my next tip is intermittent fasting which I have talked about before. but intermittent fasting sister really easy way to incorporate you know getting healthier into your diet because it doesn't matter what kind of diet you had anyone can do it you know doesn't matter if you are crab sensitive or if you're vegan or vegetarian or pale it's really just focusing on the timing of when you eat and it gives your body time to like repair so when we're not always so focused. And digestion your body can go into repair mode which is one of the biggest health benefits of intermittent fasting of course check with your doctor before you do this especially if you're pregnant or breast feeding it's not a great idea to go along you know hours fasting so definitely check with your doctor before trying it but I like my video below in the description about intermittent fasting.

5. the next tip is tongue scraping and I really love this tip because it's so easy and it just benefits so many things so once you start time scraping by the way you'll never be able to stop it's basically just getting you know like a stainless steel. Get a silver gold like any kind of stainless steel tongue scrape and just basically scraping your tongue in the morning and at night definitely do it in the morning before you eat or drink anything there's a few different reasons why number one when you have built bacteria on your tongue especially from overnight when you're sleeping and then you go to drink water eat so if you don't brush your teeth and scrape your tongue first you're gonna be ingesting these bacteria and that's not a good thing we want to get this out of our bodies because when you're sleeping.

I've mentioned this before you're actually in a natural state of detox and you're excreting things from your body so you're just going to ingest that back it's gonna defeat the purpose so that's one benefit of it you also feel so much cleaner and fresher and like more awake and it's its just you're gonna love it when you do it the next thing is when you have a build up of bacteria or you know a coated tongue you can actually alter your taste so sometimes you can't taste salt as much you can't taste sweetness as much in this might make you eat more so in irate, and they believe that when you scrape your tongue this actually increases your senses and your taste than actually stops you from over eating because when you can taste all you're not constantly adding more when you can take sweetness you're not constantly adding like more sugar to your food.

Another reason this is helpful is because when you start even chopping through this actually begins the process of digestion so basically like smelling food seeing it cooking it all of this can be I mean I'm sure you've celebrated before smelling food or cutting it that's part of the digestion process and when you have a coated tongue you don't pot like properly taste it you don't have those proper like sensory signals this can also alter your digestion so as you can see it's such an easy remedy to do that we'll just you know improve your health in numerous ways and lastly as a little bonus tips for improving your health and wellness I cannot stress enough how important it is to reduce your stress I didn't want to include this is a tip on here because I really want to get into specifics and I find that stress reduction looks different for everybody what stresses that one person my. Right not stress out another or maybe you know getting more sleep might not be realistic in your life right now let's say you're a new mom and it's impossible to sleep more I think you have to be realistic to where you are in life however you can reduce stress it is so important for your mental health your physical health and it actually impacts everything it can impact your community your digestion your reproductive health numerous things, so I actually have a video that I'll be sharing next week on how to reduce stress and anxiety and some excellent tackle tips. I'll see you next time.

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