Tuesday, 5 January 2021

5 Tips To Gain Weight As A Vegan

In this article i want to share 5 tips to gain weight on a vegan diet, so I know that now sees a lot of people are you trying to lose weight and that's the reason why a lot of people might be interested in having a plant based diets and I know that was the case for me I lost 5 pounds (2.27 kg) in just 1 week by I went vegan because I really like animals and I love animals so starting to see everything with a new point of view with a new perspective I thought why keep eating animals, I didn't find it necessary and I didn't want to do it anymore so this is why I look into having a vegan lifestyle and I love it's been well it's gonna be 6 years last year in April for me I'm so grateful for that I love being vegan.

But one of the things that happened to me, I lost a lot of pounds and I feel too skinny and for the longest time I wanted to gain weight and these are some things that I did that work for me I used to be 105 pounds (ca. 48 kg) before it go vegan and once I had a vegan lifestyle I went down 15 pounds (ca. 7 kg) so over the years for a few years I was 90 pounds and I know that some beans 2 things can happen you either lose a lot of weight or you can become over a week because you started eating junk food that is vegan, so I'm gonna share accepts that I date that we're healthy and that it did make some change and this is how I was able to go back to 105 but this time being a vegan and one more thing before I started.

Is that always this is something that I always tell people just make your own research you can see documentaries 3 books on the topic or even ask your doctor Dr fort recommendations and it's up to you to decide what works better for you so let's begin

1. Tip number one is that I did and I didn't do this on purpose it's something that I started doing because of my time because of the lifestyle that I was starting to have and that's basically diet. I would have big plate of lunch and in case you're not vegan and you're wondering what to me asking me and it's really simple it's so easy you just have to remember that you need 3 portions on your plate and one of those portions is green so just make sure that you had either rice pasta bread anything that is free whole grain but if you're trying to gain weight just make sure it's the white not hold free and the second option is proteins so either half land sells ordered beans tofu temper there's so many options for protein and the third portion that is really important is to have green.

So don't forget to eat a lot of veggies and just on the side optional as I call it asked the searches have freaked soldiers have died and you have a full meal and what I did I started eating late, so I would happily center it is recommended to eat a few hours before bedtime I started doing the opposite I would eat like about an hour before going to bed and then I would just go to sleep and you might be asking why did I eat, so I would make sure that I would have either of these things either price Brad. Pasta or potato that will help you gain weight and not only it's so Yummy but it's healthy, so I always make sure to have one of those along with the other foods that I was including.

2. Tip number two is to add healthy oils so another thing that I need surgery to have on my plate was avocado because it has good oils and it has good fats and I would add some pink salt and lemon juice and it's so Yummy, so I make sure to have that and I know a lot of vegans don't like doing this but personally I like adding oil to my salad I know a lot of Fijians to find free recipes but to be honest I like adding oils to my food or if a big potato fries I like olive oil I'd love to be in that so yeah I just act oils to your foods you want to gain weight.

3. Tip number three, so a lot of  people either drink juices or smoothies freight, so I like both are healthy both very good for you there in the trenches but the big difference is that if you're going to have to choose after a few hours you start feeling hungry it's like you're starving yourself at least that's what happens to me I would happy to use and then I would be hungry so what I started doing instead I would always have smoothies by the same thing but you just gonna have to think what the basis of this movie is it could be either water or milk, so I always make sure that it was milk I don't know the options in other countries but at least here in the west you're able to pick how many calories your milk will be, so I would always buy the almond milk with 90 calories or chuckle.

Right almond milk with 100 calories and I always make sure to use one of those two and at the manor so apart from the other ingredients those were like the most important ones and protein powder and not only it's good but that feels you and that helped me gain weight and I'm going to share with you one of my favorite recipes this is something that I still do until today and literally in love said George my boyfriend and it's like eating like a dessert but any smoothie it's so good so basically what you need is one Cup of milk I get the chocolate almond milk but if you don't have it just use any plant based milk that you have and you can add cookout hello. Cocoa powder and then one banana. One spoon or a tablespoon of peanut butter and a little of oatmeal. And you guys it's so delicious it's so fulfilling I love it's one of my favorite movies all my goodness I cannot even think about it because I'm already creamy drinking that's in the budget so delicious and it will help you gain weight in a healthy way.

4. Tip number four is exercise, so before I used to go out to run I used to do you'll soon Bonnie said to Joe gotcha and I did a little of everything but then with the lifestyle because of the time I didn't have a lot of time to keep exercising but one thing I didn't stop doing was walking I love to walk but I didn't exercise as much as another thing just eat protein bars at least minus Laura Bari they have been in different flavors and it's so Yummy it's delicious my favorite one is the peanut butter with dates gosh so good.

5. Tip number five is really simple but it's just to sleep more so it's always recommended between 8 and 10:00 hours sleep it kind of makes sense because your body will not be active you're gonna be sleeping and just something that I did notice that when I sleep more eat my skin would be so much better if I sleep enough I can barely break out I think that's because your body is the relaxed mode you're not thinking about anything you're not stressing about anything so the more you sleep the battery case so that's it you're right those are my 5 seats to gain weight if your anything like style I hope this helps I did this video because I wanna make your case was asking me how I gain weight being vegan and I had to stop doing if you could please things because I was actually gaining more weight I was going up 208 and then I was getting closer to 110 and I know I need to stop, so I am again at 105 and I feel fine like this self. So these are the things that really did help me I hope they help you too.

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