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5 Ways To Promote Your Business Online At A Low Cost

The number one problem with most businesses is exposure, because you can have the best company with the best people at the best price and still go out of business because. if nobody knows that you're there or that you are not option for them then you will lose.
So in this article i want to share with you 5 tips you can get more exposure and grow your business but more importantly at the end of this article, I'm gonna share with you a power tips so you can stand out from your competition let's go.

Now the following strategies I'm gonna share with you is based on 25 years of experience of running creating and selling small businesses, so I thought long and hard what strategies would I deployed if I were starting a business today on a shoe string.

The number one strategy would be Google ads:

The reason why this is my number one strategy is because of buyer intent because usually when people have a very strong intent to buy they go on Google, and they'll search for something like this bookkeeping services near me for car detailing near me I mean if people are going to turn to Google to find you and what you do then you absolutely have to win there and either learn how to do it or hire someone that has experience in your specific industry and that is super important because being effective with Google ads for dentist is not the same thing as being effective for Google ads for accountants I know that for some of you are Google ads are going to be a super competitive or cost prohibitive but for the vast majority of businesses.
They're not the actually very affordable my good friend Steve Holloway for example is running Google ads for his wife coaching business and for each dollar that he spends he gets $4 back I mean think about it for a second like if I give you $1 and you walked into a bank, and they give you $4 back how many times a day would you do it yeah all day long right I'd take that deal any day of the week all right.

The second strategy would be Facebook ads:

Now there's not a lot of the buyer intent when people go on Facebook namely then don't go on Facebook searching for product or service they go in there to share a picture of what they had for lunch argue with a friend about politics and watch funny videos but nonetheless people will spend on average an hour a day on Facebook so does. It has my attention so the approach is going to be different but the results may be the exact same try to test running ads for $1 a day for 7 days and test a few things and see what works for you not all of them are going to work but you gotta find a few of them that are performing very well after 7 days of running an ad for $1 a day if your ad doesn't work then get rid of it.

But if it does work and if it performs well then maybe you could increase your budget to $5 a day and see how that performs for you and I'm not talking about anything complicated here I'm talking about a nice image benefits central headline and a good call to action is really all you need and every week you should be testing a new add $4 a day for 7 days until you have about 5 to 7 of them that are performing well for your company now what we found in our own in house testing is that only 1 out of 10 ads actually performs to our standards so don't get discouraged if your first 45 ads don't work keep going the professionals only getting a 10 percent success results anyway and the biggest issue that I see with small business with Facebook is a lack of patience and a lack of testing so test a lot be patient and try Facebook ads and see if that works for you.

The third strategy is in business development:

As a new business owner you need to develop a relationship with all complimentary business either in your industry or within a geographical area where you operate for example if you're a local massage therapist in your building in massage therapy business you might want to develop a relationship with all the local gyms in your area because well people that exercise may want a massage once in a while or if your branding expert you might want to develop a relationship with all the printers in the area the 1 that are printing the envelopes and the business cards you follow what I'm.

Thanks and you can either offer each other A. 10 or 20 percent commission for businesses that you're sending back and forth or barter for services but the good news with business development is you won't be spending any kind of money really you'd be mostly spending your time just last week one of my business development connection called me and referred a client to me that wasn't a good fit for him he specializes in high end E. commerce website that starts at 25 to $30000 and the prospect just wanted a simple WordPress website it's a great fit for me some bad fit for him and I got the referral why did I get the referral because I developed a relationship with them you should do the same.

The fourth strategy is influencer marketing:

I think that this is a great opportunity for many of you what I'd look for with influencers is I would be looking for those that are emerging right now, but they're not there, yet they're not too big for you but there just may be with 25 or 50 or 75000 subscribers or followers this would be a great fit for a lot of small businesses most of the small influencers would welcome your sponsorship dollar and if you would spend anywhere between 2 to $500 they'd be delighted to have your money so spend the time on Instagram and YouTube and look for influencers are emerging in the 25 to 50000 subscribers and reach out to them I'm sure you'll find a few of them that would be more than happy to talk to you.

The fifth strategy that would deploy is create long form content:

This is often my go to strategy because it works so well market share it and wrote a book on the subject called they ask you answer in his book he says that these are the 5 subjects that all buyers across all industries want to know when they're thinking of hiring or buying your products and services they want to know the cost the problems the reviews they want to compare this for. Purses that and want to know what is the best and what you need to do as a business owner is answer each of those questions as a blog or video and posted on your website and what I mean by a long form blog, I'm talking about a substantial well written well crafted 1000 to 1500 words type of content in between you, and may lose 3 to 500 words blogs that you see a lot of websites are completely useless so create the long form blogs with pictures and graphs and in bed and videos well crafted you want to create a log that people would go to and say wow this is awesome it's got all the information.

I was looking for with this simple strategy we took a dentist that was getting to that 300 visitors a month to getting 5000 visitors a month with one single blog all right so here comes the power tape I don't know everything there is to know about running a business but I know these riches are in the niches too many businesses are trying to be everything to everyone and I get it right when you're struggling and you're trying to put food on the table well you pretty much take any business that comes your way but I'll tell you this some of the most successful businesses and entrepreneurs, I know or very niche and very focused and very specialized in what they do.

So for example you can position yourself as a social media manager war you can position yourself as the link to an add expert for lawyers ensure you won't get business from manufacturers and dentists and accountants but the lawyers will flock to you and they will love you and best of all they'll be willing to pay you more money because you're highly specialized N. as a business owner you will develop a higher skill sad because you're so focused. On one thing that you'll be calm the expert on the subject and remember this we will pay more money for specialist then we will for a generalist it's always the case.

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