Saturday, 2 January 2021

How To Fully Decide On A Career

I do have a lot of the new millennials and young people asking me you know dad how do I pick the right career for my life and I believe that picking the right career it's probably one of the most important decisions you'll ever make because when you pick the wrong career you can waste a lot of time in years sometimes if you ever had this experience you pick a major in school and the study death for a few months maybe even a couple years like you know what I should don't like the subject of much it's

Because my friends told me I should take this off my mom and dad told me I should take this actually I hated this right I don't like the subject I don't like to school I don't like what I'm studying I don't think I'm going to have a career on this particular path and then you switch and a try something else and then you're like now that's not quite what is yet the switch again in between you waste a lot of valuable time so when it comes to picking a career let me share with you my experience now I wish I could tell you that this is how i got here, because this is exactly how I envisioned myself and what I'm going to do it's not like that at all because in the very beginning all I wanted to do was to provide for my mom because when my dad went bankrupt with over $1000000 in debt he could no longer sets money he was in Hong Kong back then so just I'm the only child my family either taken my mom.

So all I wanted to do forgettable career forget about my finding my power I just wanted to make some money so that I could eat so that we can have food on the table that was it so fast-forward to today I have to say I have the greatest job in the world I get to work when I was way out one with whom I want.
Having such a great lifestyle being able to not just materialistic things but everything that I write that I'm able to impact so many people's lives as a global educator not back then but it didn't start off like this, so I believe to find the right career number one the very first piece of I want to give you is if you're a young person and you're not sure what is that perfect career for you it means that you have not tried enough things because it's like sports.

How do you know what sports you would excel in if you haven't played enough so let's say you've only played basketball your whole life like you know what maybe I'm a pretty good basketball player but maybe only you only 5 foot 5 they decide you know what this is what I like to do because of my career well maybe give a try other things have you try swimming have you tried football have you try soccer that you try picking Paul have you tried author sports we try enough things it is an elimination process very quickly you will notice you know what that's not my thing.

For example, I am a horrible Peter right I am not a good artist that's not my thing right that's I'm horrible with that I will not have a career it down in spite of the people I love it but I can't even draw a like a stick person well right by hand writing is not good so that is not my career so illuminated very quickly okay and then for athlete or sports at all a lot of these different things well that's not my thing either, so I'm not going to have a career in those professions eliminate that so when I was young my dad actually wanted to be a lawyer when I was very young.

And I thought yeah lawyer is my thing I'm going to be a lawyer right and after a little more about no I'm not going to be a lawyer right I learned that's not my path is the path that my dad wanted for me and then later on actually I want to be a firefighter. I still validate a love fire fighting movies I've got mine who is a very. Good firefighters been hit 5 of his whole life would always like to talk to him and hear all these stories with me this just like life altering and life changing stories so my uncle is a firefighter but then I thought well that's not my thing either and then once I learn martial what I thought I am going to be a martial art instructor that is my calling I would open a little school and that's what I'm going to do for the rest of my life because I like to teach and the problem is when I found out that my. Instructor by Marcia structure actually could even make rent he was struggling with just a few students unlike I love martial art but I cannot make a living doing this I cannot help my mom doing this so that doesn't work either and I tried many many things as time upon business I started being a copywriter and consultant and speaker and a lot of these different things not in 1000000 years could I imagine. I will be doing what I'm doing today. It's only after so many of these exact and I found my place is in life it's very important for you to find your place.

To find a place where this is where you belong this is one where you meant to do I believe and not everyone agrees with me on this that I believe in your career if your career you just focus on I want to do what I love your struggle financially you have to get the money thing out-of-the-way first, so we can have more choices, so they take the money invest in yourself you have to make some money first and that's what I did I wasn't just wasn't falling my passion I wasn't doing what I love I just wanted to make a living so first profit. Your career if your career can make you profit.

A decent amount of profit you have to start with that you see in the Asian culture even in Chinese culture Chinese doesn't talk a lot more passion. They work long hours if you ever been to Asia they work, and they want to make money in North America is this something the opposite when I came to Canada as much more laid back and say I want to find my colleague I want to find what's my gift. That's okay I'm struggling financially but I want to find that the initials like what the **** are you talking about you talk to Asian people like you do whatever that makes you the most amount of money like duck. Nothing right or wrong about between both philosophies but I found that the first focus on profit. Find something that can make you money so you can get money out-of-the-way so the focus what's important and that's life you get the time back then once you're making good money if you can also find something that you're passionate about. That would be good if you combine profit with passion. Is this something that you're passionate about for example when I found out that I love teaching I love speaking. 

Great I'm passionate about it I learned a study I mastered the craft and get better and I think more with that and people pay me more more money doing that. I thought to myself this is great I don't like golfing I don't like fishing that doesn't interest me but teaching I love this is my hobby this is my passion this is what I love to do it doesn't get old this is how I can be on stage 4 days I can talk with our script because of that it's my passion so when I can combine passion profit guess what you make more profit because you love what you do and if you love what you do of course you get good at what you do then at the very end.

When I hit. 30 years old I found my purpose I found that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life when I know what I do impacts people's lives. When my father passed away and I thought to myself what's my legacy. What do I want. I want to be known for us. I can imagine it in my federal and a federal. I'm laying down there in my casket.

Do I want people to say you know what. They look at me a few dollars. The successful financial he's wealthy guy or do I want to say so you know what that may change my life can I say I want people to say that may change the following purpose and that's why I do what I do today I can combine my purpose. That's my passion. It also makes a lot of profit fall into one. When you can do all that. That's very special and I'm very grateful. I have found my ideal career now my career may not be your career let's start with profit then maybe through that you find your passion and then when you know to a point this passion might become your purpose I think you if you could ever get to that you are very lucky person I'm a very lucky person when I can live every day living my purpose following my passion and also making a lot of profit life doesn't get better than that so that's my recommendation that's what you need to do no one can tell you I cannot tell you no one can tell you got a file path but that's my recommendation that's how you decide on your career.

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