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The Number One Skill You Need in Information Technology

The Number one skill you need an I. T. okay one skill what's this guy plan act there's only one skill in information technology okay hold on here yeah I truly believe this one skill is the reason I went from selling toilets to apartment complexes glamorous job to making over $100000 a year as an I. T. professional. It's going on guys welcome back to network shops okay this article is for 2 types of people people who are currently in I. T. and the people who are not in IT which I know is is everyone see what I did there so this one skill I'm going to give it to you right here in the video right now here we go it's a skill that many of you already possess is customer service it's.

it's knowing how to deal with people know how to talk to people so if you work in a call center or Starbucks or McDonald's or where we're ever anywhere you have to deal with people you have the beginnings of what I consider the most valuable skill and I. T. okay I'll dive deeper into why I think that is here in a second but for many of you may be watching this and thinking why do I even care about IT or information technology good point the for those of you already know me you probably say all because it's awesome Chuck yeah for those of you who need a little convincing I get it here my top 3 reasons and 20 seconds ready go number one I'm never bored in fact most the time I'm having a blast number 2 I started with nothing no IT knowledge no degree I still haven't read by the way and within 5 years I was making more money than I ever thought I would

And number 3 there are just a ton of jobs out there I mean a ton so many that we can't fill the jobs we need you this is kind of a begging opportunity for me like it please we need your help come join IT I mean the longer than 20 seconds but who's counting recounting that you're weird just getting okay I know you're thinking this guy sounds like tai Lopez or somebody just saying join this career now you can make a ton of money don't take my word for it look at the comments below so guys if you're part of my team if you if you are not working here and I. T. comment below and all the people who don't know about I. T. how awesome it is and how you started your journey how you got to where you are I think that would be inspired I can't wait to see it so don't take my word for it look below now speaking of I. T..

We were talking ideal time I know this is day 2 of the giveaway I'm doing so if you're thinking about I. T. baby for just like I'm convinced I'm giving away some training for IT that's one of the huge benefits I teaching how to teach yourself self taught situations I'm getting way was called Bose honor Bazm those in Boston I net Sam which is a fantastic amazing tool that'll help you earn your CCNA certification which is an amazing I. T. certification that will get you so far in your career in fact I just did a video of my little brother how he got a CCNA and got a job as a network admin and I. T. making between 60 and 70000 a year no college by the way so I am giving away one copy of bows on that's and to help you get your CCNA I'm using right now for a higher level search CCNP high stake a lot of it it's amazing to watch until the end of the video to figure out how to enter and I'll announce the winners tomorrow okay I'm excited about this I want to tackle some cliches or stereotypes about people and I. T.

And honestly it's what I thought too before I got into it and we start with this I truly believe that anyone including you anybody can have an incredible fantastic amazing career in IT but Chuck I'm not a nerd I mean I don't know much about computers I I like Facebook I like you too well at my phone that's about it I'm hopeless beyond that okay let me bust that before I started in 90 I was a nerd I mean I still toilets but I wasn't like a computer nerd and built computers I play video games I love video games and I I had the first iPhone that's the that's something but beyond that I wasn't I. N. I TI this wasn't me so you don't have to be a child prodigy when you're designing you know apps for Facebook when you're 3 years old you don't have to have been a member of the AV club in high school now you can be anybody and can I be honest with you. I suck at math no no it was that I suck at math I am an I. T. professional I've progressed to the point where I can talk about on the internet if that means anything to us and I suck at math facts I don't like math at all mammoth are friends we're just not not calm down people I know there are some areas in 90 that require some really killer math skills I get that but I'm not programming algorithms and I would wager that many of you don't want to do that either or don't do that now there are a ton of different areas and I thi where it doesn't need a math genius and the one more thing I wanna bust warm if I guess moment buster okay that's what I'm doing now is I. T. guys only phones like one of 2 categories either your programming it Facebook and Google or you're the guy who answered the phone call to your computer is broken there is so much more than that and I. T. I would wager that anybody no matter what your interest is you could be an I. T.

Seriously we have project managers who are those organization people that I don't understand why that might be you and they manage projects for I. T. people you can become a programmer if you want you can become a a network engineer like me which when I tell people what I do I basically make the internet run so you're welcome or you can just enjoy talking with people and helping them and that brings me to the deeper dive on why I think customer service is the number one skill for an I. T. professional no matter what level you are so I'm gonna flip things a bit I'm talking to you I. T. professionals for me it's been the most viable skill in my career being able to help people to empathize with people to help them solve their problems which are the same skills I use when I was a Starbucks barista. Mandel's people cranking the mornings I get it allow me some coffee too and I gotta be honest for those of us in the I. T. field we're not known for our our people skills are way. It seems the higher you go in I. T. the more awkward you are. Always the case but a lot of the time it is I'm gonna be also that now I know a lot of your populace are bashing me saying oh that's not the number one I I skill you need 19 count of the number one 's going to be programming well number one skill cyber security number one skills building websites no those are amazing skills and I encourage you to build up those skills because those are valuable however you will never reach your full potential as an I. T. professional without learning how to deal with people because you always have to deal with people whether it's a project manager what is your fellow I. T. people whether it's managers that you have to communicate to about projects you want to implement you have to learn how to communicate the biggest thing I and my brother and I discovered that when he was covering how we interviewed and and got his first ever getting a job is when you interview you have to learn how to talk to people in interview have to show that you can communicate effectively because more and more that is the skill of people and for all my I. T. folks out there I know that a big fears for IT professionals they'll over jobs only to become automated meaning we're gonna lose our jobs because machines can do what we already do now and honestly I can't say for sure if that's going to happen or not.

But what I can tell you is I can never properly automate. People and dealing with people yes. Have you seen some of the stuff coming out with but the I think they're pretty far away they were safe for at least the next 10 years fingers crossed but no I I joke really truly know how to deal with people being able to empathize and help them solve problems or help them see value in something to be able to explain something that is a killer killer skill because you can be a genius there are IT people out there who are complete nerds I'm a spy ring to be a complete nerd and the really good at their jobs in the year they snow so much the brains are just losing IT knowledge but they fail to communicate how good they are they fell to communicate to their bosses their accomplishments and a lot of the time your bosses might be non IT people so they don't understand what you're talking about. So you have to learn how to communicate effectively I am in layman's terms or just terms that normal people can understand drop a bomb here we go it's that time so the first 5 people to enter the hash tag below. I give it to you just yet we'll tell you we're getting its the dis David bumble CCNA training the whole course see sent I see it if you both parts CCNA he does a great job of course really stellar training the first 5 people who enter the hash tag below hash tag subscribe to David bumble you guys gonna went first 5 hurry up and get it down there hurry anyways back to the video all right I. T. people 990 people talking to you now but everyone I love IT because it's such an opportunity for everyone since no matter what state you're in if you I know for me I got into I. T. because I was making barely any money my wife and I just had her first baby I don't have any college and I just decided to start learning I. T.

The cost of entry was buying a book and since and some video training to get my first certification and I I got an entry level role on on a help desk and this is an I. T. role and really the the bulk of my job while I was learning I. T. and starting to fall in love with it and and and having fun the bulk of my job was talking to people and dealing with people and yeah I'm I. T. skills really increased but it was my customer service it was all the time selling toilets it was time making Starbucks drinks and working for Jack in the box and all those other jobs as those skills they got me far so this is my message to you guys gals wherever you are at your life with stager and. You can switch careers right now and just totally change your life and you open IT a lot of you already possess the number one skill you need the rest you can learn on the job we can learn very quickly with IT certifications I mean when I was working in the call center I between calls I had my book open and I was studying I wasn't even WG you always in doing university of Phoenix this is my own self paced thing I wasn't paying a ton of money and getting in debt with student loans now I just bought a book 50 Bucks video training is like 50 Bucks it's even cheaper now check that out below as got started I decided to change my life right then for those of you who may not possess the customer service skill or maybe you you have trouble talking to people and getting your point across and let's dealing with people right you might have the problem I understand but it's a skill that can be learned I mean I I'm an introvert a lot of people might find surprising because I get on you too but I just kind of scream at the camera and I seem really outgoing I'm not I'm an introvert.

It's really amazing so I'm not the expert I just follow some of the people and and just copy what they did and now I talked cameras all day so if you're at all interested in learning about a career in IT are becoming an IT professional we tell you. You're gonna love it. I got some links below for how you can get started I'm not even kidding when I say you can get a video course for $10. And start training right this second look below I'm I'm getting it's this this guy this guy Mike Myers he does an amazing a plus training he's he's what I watch when I first started learning I. T. I paid 50 Bucks just like in I guess I I pay like $200 for his training course back in the day now it's $10 it's never been easier to start a career and I. T. but I made this video because not a lot of people understand what I. T. is in an orderly cover the details what ideas I want to cover that anybody can get started in and do it and you don't have to be a nerd or programmer or any of that stuff you can be a regular person that likes talking to people and it's kind of like what you like doing less you can do that and I. T. I can talk about this forever.

In that sense again this is for the CCNA if you are looking to get your CCNA or you're working on your CCNA certification right now the Cisco certified network associate exam the killer exam I have it once you get it and put on your resume you can be very valuable so this software. It allows you to lab everything you're learning the CCNA it'll grade your labs it'll prepare you for the exam you'll feel really confident has pre built topologies a fancy word for just a bunch of routers and switches and you can work through it.

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