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Things To Know If Information Technology Degree Worth It

Is an information technology degree worth it that's we're gonna be talking about today. let's jump right into it is an information technology degree worth it not information technology is basically the maintenance of hardware and software systems that are used to communicate information electronically so these are the people that would be installing software and all the computers within a hospital or a business it would also be conducting training making sure that everybody knows how to use the software it also is replacing and upgrading old computers when they're hardware isn't good anymore they be doing all kinds of troubleshooting dealing with bugs glitches in the system and there're all kinds of different career path you can go down with this when you can become an I. team manager you can become an I. T. specialist you could go into the programming route to become a computer programmer now about 9000 people graduate with a bachelor's degree in information technology every year however this is a little misleading just because there's a lot of I. T. related careers you can get into without a bachelor level degree there's also a lot of certifications that you can get to the specialized in certain areas of I. T.

so it's definitely not cut and dried but just to keep things simple in this video I'm mostly going to talk about getting a bachelor level degree in I. T. and the careers that would lead to so with an information technology degree you could expect to make around $56000 a year starting out and mid career pay would be around 93000 now that's pretty good overall but it's honestly a little on the lower side when you compared to a lot of the other technology related careers now careers related information technology in general make around $88000 a year according to BLS which is about twice.

As much as the average of all occupations which is 39000 a year one career path you could go down is becoming a networking computer systems administrator, and they make around 83000 a year and that's just with a bachelor level degree another career path you could go down is becoming an information security analyst, and they make around $99000 a year and that's with a bachelor level degree as well although you'll likely need a little more work experience now there are a ton of other career paths you can go down especially in the technology industry for instance you see IT graduates becoming computer programmers and most of these careers are relatively high paying although I will say that I. T. tends to pay a little less than a lot of the other technology related careers next we're gonna talk about satisfaction and I have to admit this is extremely subjective what one person my absolutely love is a career another person might hate so this is extremely subjective.

But I try to do my best to break this down in such a way where it makes sense not when it comes to satisfaction I like to talk about 2 different areas which is job satisfaction and that's basically how much you enjoy doing the job itself that this degree would lead to and in the other area is meaning and that is how much you think your career is positively impacting the world so when it comes to meaning it technology related careers and degrees tend to be pretty average sometimes slightly below average so for instance information technology has about a 45 percent meaning score which basically means that 45 percent of the people think that their job significantly positively impacts the world and when you look at one career path you could go down like network system analyst they have a job satisfaction score of about 71 percent which means 71 percent of people are satisfied with their career that is above average and a lot of the technology related careers do tend to be above average when it comes to job satisfaction.

Now another thing I like to talk about when it comes to happiness or satisfaction with your career is how flexible it is by this I mean let's say that you plan on being a database administrator and in a few years into your job you think it's really boring and you want to. Which careers how easy would it be for you to switch careers and that's something that also pays really well but would be better for you now 1 common problem that you see with technology related degrees is that they're a little too specific so for instance there is technology related degrees that are like printing technology now printing technology is extremely specific you're learning something that's very niche and it's important in that field but outside of that field you might not be able to translate the skills that you learned information technology tends to be a little more general which is a good thing this means that there's a lot of different career path you can go down with an information technology degree now in order to head your bets it would probably be a good idea for you to learn some computer programming on the side it's also not a bad idea to learn some business related skills as well so that you can help the businesses that you work for.

but overall I would go ahead and rank in this 18 out of 10 for satisfaction so next on the list we're going to be talking about demand and in my opinion this is probably the most important out of the 4 categories now BLS shows that technology related careers over the next 10 years are going to grow at about 11 percent this is 2 to 3 times as much as the average career and so that's wonderful this means that there would be about 0.5000000 new jobs 530000 or sos over the next 10 years so for instance a networking computer systems administrator has about 370 3000 jobs available right now it's growing at 4 percent which is average and that means over the next 10 years is going to be 16000 new jobs created when it comes to an information security analyst there's 130 1000 jobs available right now it's growing at a ridiculous 31 percent which is much faster than average meeting over the next 10 years is going to be 40000 new jobs created now these are great numbers overall and you see that technology related degrees in general tend to have a lot of demand so for instance, when you type in information technology degree into you see that 160 9000 jobs have that listed as a key word in the job listing whereas if you type in archaeology degree.

The only 409 jobs have that key word listed combine this with the fact that I. T. is a relatively general degree it's not super specific which is one of the weaknesses of a lot of the technology related degrees and that means this one has a ton of demand it's very good when it comes to demand I'm gonna go ahead and give this one a 9.5 out of 10 now next on the list we're gonna be talking about X. factors in this is another one that's extremely subjective and there's a ton of different things that go into this so one thing that people always ask when it comes to X. factor is automation is this career going to be automated are the skills that you're learning to go to be automated as well when it comes to a network and computer systems administrator will robots take my thinks that there's only about a 3 percent chance that it's going to be automated I tend to agree with this a lot of technology related careers probably will not be automated on top of this it would be very hard to outsource in information technology career as well a lot of the time these people have to be basically in the business itself they need to be present in the business in order to carry out a lot of the things such as installations or you know setting up computers a lot of the time they'll be in offices communicating with people when they bug pops up or some kind of trouble shooting needs to be done so there's pretty much no way that this one is going to be automated and there's a very small chance is going to be outsourced also within I. T. degree you can get hired by just about any business out there in any industry and so it's extremely flexible and you can get hired by tons of different people there's a very good chance that you'll be working in the technology industry which is one of the best industries out there.

There are tons of opportunity, there are tons of growth within the technology industry and so you'll have a lot of opportunity for advancement your job will likely not be automated in fact you might be the one automating other people's jobs on top of that I think it would be relatively easy for somebody who has I. T. skills to transition into other careers where the pay is even better so for instance you can transition into becoming a software developer you can move up into higher positions within the company or you can even go off and start your own business. Within the industry after you've gotten some experience under your belt technology related skills in general are very highly valued as well zip recruiter did an index where they basically kind of figured out all the skills that tended to lead to high paying jobs in information technology as a skill was one of the highest paying skills it ended up with a score of 84 out of 100 that was one of the highest on the list and so that just goes to show information technology as a skill is extremely valuable so overall I would rate this a 9 out of 10 when it comes to X. factors.

So when it comes to the pros for this degree it's going to lead to a very flexible career path so let's say you go into the technology industry there's a bunch of different career paths you can take you're not just stuck in one single career path which would kind of be bad if you decided for some reason that you didn't like being an I. T. guy on top of that you're going to be learning extremely valuable skills we're in the age of automation technology is huge right now getting good at technology learning technology related skills is basically the best thing you can do you can also work in just about any business out there or any industry this means that you likely won't have to move anywhere in order to get your first job you'll probably be able to find a job where ever you want to concierge is the pay is going to be kind of mediocre when it comes to a lot of the technology related careers it's still pretty good but overall it's kind of mediocre the meaning here is also going to be relatively low it's not the basket probably not going to wake up every morning thinking oh my gosh I can't wait to go you know fix bugs in troubleshoot and install software and it's a good degree but when compared to some other technology related degrees it's not the best so overall I'm gonna give this one a score of 8.65 and a 10 that is fantastic.

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