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Things To Remove From Your Website To Improve Your Conversion

So you spend a lot of money on the website spent weeks maybe months working on it and for some reason you're not getting enough phone calls and you're not getting enough people showing interest in what you do the truth is there are probably things on your website that are driving people away and hurting your conversion.

So in this article I'm going to share with you 10 things you should remove or alter on the website so you increase conversion and get a bunch of elites lets go.

So let's get right into it I built my first website in 1999 almost 21 years ago and things have changed dramatically over the years and many of the principles I'm going to share with you I have pretty much stayed the same they all basic universal truth about converting a website visitor into a prospect and to make it easy for you. I broke it down into 3 sections.

  • The first one is design improvement.
  • The second is stacked in copy on your website. 
  • Third one and the most important one is the art of converting people on your website.

So let's start with design improvement.

Tip number 1:  Is remove the clutter cluttered website will confuse people and in the words of John Miller if you confuse you lose the home page of your website above the fold which is what they see when they just land on it you should have a simple navigation one picture one headline one call to action that's it anything else is a distraction from what they should be doing on your website which is finding out about your products and services and getting in touch with you complicated navigation a bunch of icons and multiple images and the slider in too much text is guaranteed to confuse a simple navigation at the top a single image with a benefit central headline and a clear call to action is all you need get rid of the rest think of it that way less is more the next design tip is no image slider or carousel with multiple an age on the home page please I beg you resist the temptation of using a design.

That has an image slider or carousel conversion experts and sometimes they're called conversion scientist have done test A and B. test on thousands of websites and have uncovered that over 90 percent of people never look past the first slide so if you're creating a carousel which for images and 4 titles and 4 calls to action you're basically you're doing this for almost nobody all these images in the slider or distractions from what they should be doing which is calling you one single image with a clear title is all you need the next design tip is no stock photography there's nothing more effective at communicating that your company maybe fake than by using stock photography that you have probably seen on hundreds of other websites between you and me you're not fooling anyone we know that not all of these people work in your company all those pictures using models to convey your message is not helpful and your web visitors are probably looking at those pictures thinking and that looks fake just hire a local photographer.
You're going to find out that they're not that expensive how the incoming take pictures of you of your team of your location and it will go a long way from showing you as being an authentic and real company and that simple little thing will have conversion.

Now the fourth design tape is removed all those social icons in the (header) of your website:

Social media icons in your header of your website or great at one thing distract people and send them away your goal should be to create engaging content on social media so people go to your website and hire you or buy your products not the other way around the purpose of your website is to convert people and have them hire you for services or buy your product so social media icons do not help us and. Just simply put them in the footer of your website.

If people want to find them they know where they are all right next we're going to talk about the text or the copy on your website I'm gonna share with you the mistakes I see almost on a daily basis so the next step about text a copy is don't use jargon or market TV's look I don't know how to say this nicely but the vast majority of tax that I see on websites is either awful or boring and the truth is nobody cares and almost nobody is going to read all that text the text on your website should be written sore 10 year old or ground I can read it and understand what it means and if grandma says I have no idea what this means Matthew failed make sure that the copy on your website is written in an easy to read style and in short sentences a couple of sentences per paragraph is all you need.

Next step about text and copy is improve your headline:

The first two things that a visitor will see on your website within the first 5 second is the image and the headline and if your headline is dull and boring you probably already lost them your headline should be benefits central in other words what's in it for them and the easiest way to create a great headline is by researching the following one what is their main problem that has them come to you and to how does that make them feel your headline and sub headline should describe how you're fixing their problem in the first place and specifically how they'll feel once they've used the product or a service.

The next step is having way too much text a copy on your website:

Based on studies conducted on thousands of people we know that people mostly scanned the website they'll read the headline but the text on the knees and not really having too much text on your website is a great way to. Have people disengaged and bored focus you're taxed on the benefits central headlines and a couple of paragraphs on the knees with a couple of sentences that's really all you need all right.

Now for the next few steps I'm going to share with you conversion optimization used by the pros and the next day if it is unclear or confusing call to action learn more information and contact us is not a call to action to tell you the truth I don't want to learn more anything I want you to fix my problem your call to action should be clear direct and precise and most importantly your call to action is the answer to how do I get it or how do I buy it so if the first step of doing business with you is a consultation then your call to action should be scheduled a consultation that's clear that's direct and that's precise or if the first step of doing business with you is getting a quote or proposal than your call to action should be gotten a quote for even better get your quote it's not anyone's quote it's your quote now 1 thing that is super important call to action it needs to be consistent and needs to be the same call to action on every single page so people know exactly how they're going to get what they want now.

The next step is annoying pop ups:

Honestly I don't know that there is anything that I found more irritating and annoying than a pop up on the website within 5 seconds of me being there and most of the time it's enough for me to just click out you know what dude I'm out of here no I'm not entirely against pop up I think they have their place but it should be an exit pop up as they're ready to leave you can have your thing pop up to remind them of taking action but if you do that within the first 1015 seconds of people being on your website.

It is hurting your conversion because there's a lot of people like me they're gone the next tip about conversion is no testimonials or way too many each page of your website should have a couple testimonials and that's it and the main reason is because we know that all the reviews posted on your website all going to be glowing reviews about you all 5 stars right who in their right mind would put a bad review on their website nobody to you and I know that it's not really unbiased but what really matters in a testimonial is that you're looking at what are people like me saying so what's really important is to have a picture I name a city or job title next to what they're saying so people can see themselves in the testimonial as in if I buy this product or service that's going to be me and having a picture next to the testimonial has shown that it improves conversion because it helps with credibility now if you implement all those steps and fix all those errors I guarantee you will improve conversions and get more leads all right so that does it for today if you got value out of this article I would appreciate a comment.

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