Saturday, 2 January 2021

Why I Chose Information Technology Management

Let's get into the meat and potatoes right why did I choose information technology management now if you have been following me quite some while you know that I graduated a couple of months ago which was back in 2000 June 18 first right Seoul girl have her associates degree. Yet still I chose. Summation technology management and so. Some people may think. Trying to jump the gun. It's not about jumping the gun here's my theory listen to my.

Well we already know that do a different route going. 41 having the experience to get to that leadership role and to just go get that St degree right. And so for me. I grew up here in this and I see my parents doing this as well. As I was a little child I see that they were working so hard to build a foundation for us as children right and so for me I believe Goldman for information technology management degree I believe this is started a foundation for me maybe not now because you're good is all new to the whole community yeah.

That's what it is. But what if I couldn't start gaining those experience for now and when the time comes then I have the credibility with the bachelor's degree you see what I'm saying we got to stop thinking and and and and based on live on what's going to run now because I stopped doing that we have to learn to prepare for the future or the long term benefits you see what I'm saying and so for me I felt like it was a foundation for me to start not to get in the place I agree and then work my way up I didn't choose to go that route, so I wanted to just put it out I see myself as a leader Sunday it may not have to be now. Maybe another 2 years from now or whatever the case it is but I see myself reaching to a level that I want to reach and so for me getting a bachelor's degree in information technology management I felt was a good choice for me I know me and that's the thing I have faith in myself you see not everyone has faith if you think this small as a mustard seed that's all it takes believe in yourself I believe in myself so as long as god put life into me.

As long as god straighten me given me that car which the mindset to position myself and where I want to be I believe it's going to happen in the name of Jesus a play minutes so when I sit here and I'm telling you that the reason why I chose information technology management is that I see myself. Some day and soul position in myself right now. In the right place at the right time I believe it's the best thing for me. Because I remember I before I graduate I had asked my professor before if you think I should take of management degree in computer information system on I. T. you know and her. It was just go for your street I. T. degree and then you work your way up, and so I was shooting so that way it was going that route you know but it just so happened that I stumbled across a dilemma whereas I could not get into the school, I wanted to get into because it happened that I needed foreign language and it was going to take me 1 year to complete find them it's class want to learn Spanish on my own I was not happening on my vision board 2020 it was a time I said I need to finish my bachelor's degree.

I'm 34 years old like I don't have time to waste not with 3 kids not when bills have to be paid not when I need to be making improvements all my life to start building the foundation for my children I can't waste time I don't know how the field school years 3 years from now so it's best to just get it out the way and sometimes when things present itself whereas the opportunity is there to go to school that's the right thing to do and I suppose it that way to be honest with you, I didn't know I was going to go back to school.

But did you know what happened to me deal with that **** whereas things took a turn in my life and my mind started telling me call me and you know what go back to school go get your things together do you know you have a chance to win it and then you know it was just a lightning bolt that just came to my mind and I said you know what let me go make some improvement on my life by start going back to school to get my things together and if I took a break who knows I maybe wouldn't even continue doing my bachelors and that's the thing I don't want to so although I might be going to school full time work in having my kids them family time and trying to do a little of everything Hey god make me a strong woman so if I'm here being productive Hey that's just me thank god I chose to write that really allow me to get the time that I want and I can do it full time.

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