24 April

24 April

April 24 is the 114th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar; 251 days remain until the end of the year.

We have some interesting facts & historic events all about April 24th, including areas in religion, crime, health and more.

Keep reading for more interesting facts about April 24th in history!

Table of Contents

  1. Global Celebrations
  2. Historic Events
  3. Famous Birthdays
  4. Heartbreaking Deaths

Global Celebrations

  • Scream Day
  • Firefly Day
  • National Poem in Your Pocket Day
  • National Pigs-in-a-Blanket Day
  • Fashion Revolution Day
  • World Pinhole Photography Day

Historic Events

What Happened On This Day – April 24

2013: 1129 people die in Bangladesh in the worst building collapse disaster in modern history

The building was used by clothing factories producing garments for western markets, highlighting the disastrous working conditions in the industry.

2005: Joseph Ratzinger is inaugurated as Pope Benedict XVI

The German was considered a particularly conservative Pope – quite unlike his successor, Pope Francis.

1990: The Hubble Space Telescope is launched into Earth orbit

Unhindered by the impurities and distortions of Earth’s atmosphere, the 2.4 meter (7.9 feet) aperture telescope has delivered some of the most spectacular images of the far reaches of the Universe.

1984: Apple releases the Apple IIc portable computer in 1984.

1957: The Suez Canal reopens after the Suez Crisis

The conflict between Egypt on the one hand and France, the United Kingdom and Israel on the other, erupted in October 1956 when Egypt announced that the canal will be nationalized.

1915: The Ottoman Empire begins its systematic extermination of Armenians

An estimated 1 million people were killed in the Armenian Massacres during and after World War I. The event is considered one of the first genocides in modern history.

1939: WWII – Russian and German soldiers casually talking with each other in Poland, 1939

WWII – Russian and German soldiers casually talking with each other in Poland, 1939

1918: British troops having fun in front of the camera, 1914-1918

British troops having fun in front of the camera, 1914-1918

1900: Ottoman era Benghazi, Libya 1900’s [Colorized]

1900: Ottoman era Benghazi, Libya 1900’s [Colorized]

1888: Kodak company was founded by George Eastman in 1888.

Famous Birthdays

Births On This Day, April 24

1982: Kelly Clarkson, American singer-songwriter, producer, actress

1973: Sachin Tendulkar, Indian cricketer

1942: Barbra Streisand, American singer-songwriter, actress, producer

1941: Richard Holbrooke, American journalist, banker, diplomat, 22nd United States Ambassador to the United Nations

1897: Benjamin Lee Whorf, American linguist

Sachin Tendulkar was born.

Kehlani was born.

Alexis Ohanian was born.

Heartbreaking Deaths

Deaths On This Day, April 24

2011: Sathya Sai Baba, Indian guru, philosopher

1980: Alejo Carpentier, Swiss/Cuban author

1960: Max von Laue, German physicist, Nobel Prize laureate

1942: Lucy Maud Montgomery, Canadian author

1731: Daniel Defoe, English journalist, spy

Lucy Maud Montgomery died.

Sathya Sai Baba died.

Vladimir komarov died.

William Wordsworth died.






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