24 March

24 March

March 24 is the 83rd day of the year in the Gregorian calendar; 282 days remain until the end of the year.

We have some interesting facts & historic events all about March 24th, including areas in religion, crime, health and more.

Keep reading for more interesting facts about March 24th in history!

Table of Contents

  1. Global Celebrations
  2. Historic Events
  3. Famous Birthdays
  4. Heartbreaking Deaths

Global Celebrations

  • World tuberculosis day
  • Flatmates Day
  • World Tuberculosis Day
  • National Chocolate Covered Raisins Day

Historic Events

What Happened On This Day – March 24

1999: For the first time in its history, NATO attacks a sovereign country

The military alliance bombed Yugoslavia during the Kosovo War – without a UN mandate.

1989: Oil tanker Exxon Valdez runs aground in Prince William Sound, Alaska

The mishap resulted in one of the most devastating environmental disasters in history, killing up to 250,000 seabirds and other wildlife.

1965: Millions watch NASA spacecraft Ranger 9 crash into the Moon

The U.S. space probe broadcast live pictures back to Earth, enabling TV viewers to follow its approach to the Moon and its controlled crash.

1896: Aleksander Popov achieves the world’s first radio transmission

The Russian physicist transmitted the words “Heinrich Hertz” from one building of St. Petersburg University to another.

1882: Robert Koch discovers the bacterium responsible for tuberculosis

The German scientist, who is regarded as the father of modern bacteriology, won the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine in 1905.

1991: The house that Donald Trump couldn’t buy, New Jersey, 1991.

The house that Donald Trump couldn’t buy, New Jersey, 1991.

1980: Pablo Escobar With His Son In Front Of The White House, 1980s.

Pablo Escobar With His Son In Front Of The White House, 1980s.

1882: German scientist Robert Koch discovers and describes the tubercle bacillus which causes tuberculosis, and establishes germ theory in 1882

1882: 1st telephone call between NY & Chicago in 1882.

1401: Timur attacks the city of Damascus, the second city of the Mameluke Empire. Though scholar and negotiator Ibn Khaldun’s life was spared, the city is sacked and the Umayyad Mosque was destroyed in 1401.

Famous Birthdays

Births On This Day, March 24

1930: Steve McQueen, American actor

1897: Wilhelm Reich, Austrian/American psychotherapist

1884: Peter Debye, Dutch/American physicist, chemist, Nobel Prize laureate

1874: Harry Houdini, Hungarian/American magician, actor

1820: Fanny Crosby, American composer, songwriter

The Undertaker was born

Jim Parsons was born

Harry Houdini was born

Heartbreaking Deaths

Deaths On This Day, March 24

1976: Bernard Montgomery, 1st Viscount Montgomery of Alamein, English army officer

1946: Alexander Alekhine, Russian chess player

1905: Jules Verne, French author

1882: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, American poet

1603: Elizabeth I of England

Elezabeth I of England died

Paul I of Russia died

Johann Wolfgang Döbereiner died






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