30 November

November 30 is the 334th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar; 31 days remain until the end of the year.

We have some interesting facts & historic events all about November 30th, including areas in religion, crime, health and more.

Keep reading for more interesting facts about November 30th in history!

Table of Contents

  1. Global Celebrations
  2. Historic Events
  3. Famous Birthdays
  4. Heartbreaking Deaths

Global Celebrations

  • International Computer Security Day
  • Stay Home Because You are Well Day

Historic Events

What Happened On This Day – November 30

1982: Michael Jackson’s Thriller is released worldwide

Thought to be the best selling album of all time, the album, which had 9 tracks, won 8 Grammy Awards, including the award for Album of the Year in 1984.

1947: Civil War in Palestine

Also known as the Civil War in Mandatory Palestine, the conflict began the day after the United Nations General Assembly voted on a resolution that provided a partition plan for Palestine. The war was wracked by violence which began on November 30 after two buses full of Israeli passengers were attacked by Arab gunmen and snipers shot pedestrians in Tel Aviv. On May 14, Israel declared itself an independent state and on May 15, the Civil War turned into a regional war after a coalition of Arab states that included Egypt, Jordan, and Syria, joined the conflict.

1940: Stars of I Love Lucy marry

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz of the popular American comedy sitcoms, I Love Lucy and The Lucy and Desi Comedy Show married in real life. They were married for 20 years.

1939: The Winter War begins

The 4-month long war between Finland and the Soviet Union began after the USSR invaded Finland and bombed Helsinki. The conflict ended on March 30, 1940, with the two countries signing the Moscow Peace Treaty. In retaliation for its actions, the Soviet Union was expelled from the League of Nations.

1872: First international football (soccer) match

The match between England and Scotland was held at West of Scotland Cricket Club in Partick, Scotland. The game ended with a 0-0 draw.

Famous Birthdays

Births On This Day, November 30

1990: Magnus Carlsen, Norwegian chess player

1978: Clay Aiken, American singer, actor

1874: Winston Churchill, English politician, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Nobel Prize laureate

1835: Mark Twain, American author

1813: Charles-Valentin Alkan, French composer

Heartbreaking Deaths

Deaths On This Day, November 30

2018: George H. W. Bush, American politician, 41st President of the United States

2007: Evel Knievel, American motorcycle stuntman

1979: Zeppo Marx, American actor, agent

1935: Fernando Pessoa, Portuguese poet

1900: Oscar Wilde, Irish author, poet, playwright

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